Video Content Ideas for Businesses: The 50 Best

video content ideas for businesses the 50 best

More and more companies are searching the web for video content ideas for businesses. And it’s no wonder. Video platforms are some of the most popular websites and apps available at the moment, with TikTok and Youtube leading the pack. But how can you get started with this trend, and what are the best ideas to use? 

Find out here, as we explain the 50 best video content ideas for businesses. 

10 Best Video Content Ideas for Businesses

  1. New Business Announcements

If you have something to announce, whether it is a new product to showcase or something else, why not do it through video content? 

  1. Testimonials

Written-down customer testimonials are good, but nothing can beat filmed testimonials done by real customers. It is more personal and relatable, increasing customer trust in the business. Potential clients always look for this when deciding on whether to buy products/services from a business. 

  1. How-to Videos

If your product requires some instructions to use it well, why not make a how-to video? This is often better received than written down instructions, as people can see exactly what needs to be done, and they can then replicate it to ensure success. 

  1. Product Videos

It’s always difficult to sell products online when all you have is a few pictures and a couple of words about what it is. Product videos help entice your customers into buying the product by showing it in real life and it is used in different types of situations. 

  1. Video Blog Posts

Do you have any high-performing blogs? Why not make it into a video and post it on social media with a link to the original blog? This will not only be great video content for your social media but will also be great for increasing traffic on your website by directing your audience to the blog. 

  1. Employee Videos

One great way to make your business more personable is by creating a video of your employees. This humanizes your company and is a great way to let them know who the faces are behind the business.

  1. Give the Audience Your Thanks

If you’ve organized a new event, or your product has launched successfully, why not thank your audience through a video? They will appreciate the thanks, even more so that it is done through a video. 

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of the best video content ideas for businesses you can use for your website. Frequently asked questions, also known as FAQs, are where often-asked questions are answered. Doing this with a video will be much more interesting for your audience, and allows you much more time to go into detail and use graphics to explain things clearly.  

  1. Business Introduction

When starting out, one great way to let people know about your business is through a fun video explaining who you are, your mission, values, and anything else you would like your audience to know. 

  1. Clear Up Misconceptions

If there are some misconceptions about your product or industry, why not clear them up with a video? You can either disprove the misconception in real life by performing it on a video or explain how it’s wrong in a clear manner. 

10 More Ideas

  1. Survey Data

If you’ve recently conducted a survey and have analyzed the data, now is a great time to share it through a video. Why not use graphics and other tools easy on the eye to better describe and explain the survey data? 

  1. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn video ads are massively popular on the platform. In fact, recent data has shown that above 60% of executives take more interest in video ads than text ads on LinkedIn. This can be great video content to produce to increase your leads and gain potential customers. 

  1. Personalized Sales Pitches

Pitching cold to leads can be one of the hardest things a salesperson can do. However, personalised videos take the coldness out of the equation and provide a more personable approach to many leads, giving you more chances of turning them into sales. 

  1. Interview With One Of Your Employees

Whether it is your CEO or a salesperson, having an interview with one of them is a great way to let your customers learn more about your business and the people behind it. Why not start with some questions such as what convinced them to start the business, and what the biggest industry challenges are at the moment? 

  1. Product Competitor Video

Does your product outshine the competition? Make a comparison video explaining the differences between your product and competitors, providing the advantages your product provides. However, try not to be too biased towards your competitors, as you will be looked at as an untrustworthy source of information.

  1. Upcoming Events

If you have an upcoming conference or event you would like to tell people about, make a video about it. This way, you can improve the engagement that your event will receive, all while making it easier for people to find out about rather than long walls of text. 

  1. Top 5 Industry Tips

As you know a lot about your industry, make a list of the top tips to give to people just starting out in your industry. This is not only great content but also showcases you as an expert in your industry, massively increasing trust. 

  1. Tease a New Blog

If you’ve got a new informative blog coming out, or want to improve its current views, create a video that sums it up to drum up interest. 

  1. Product Giveaways

This is one of the best video content ideas for businesses and can often be a fun way to increase interest in your product and provide excitement to your customers. Try it out and put it on your social media platforms to increase excitement about one of your products. 

  1. Presentation Live Streams

Although live streams have the potential to go wrong, they are a great way to show a presentation live, so people can watch these presentations or events while it’s happening without needing to be there in person. 

30 Great Video Content Ideas for Businesses

  1. Behind the Scenes Videos
  2. Share Unique Product Uses
  3. Interviews with Industry Experts
  4. Office Tours
  5. Publicity Stunts
  6. Facebook Video Ads
  7. Instagram Video Ads
  8. YouTube Ads
  9. HR Videos
  10. Whiteboard Videos
  11. Product Unboxing Videos
  12. Explainer Videos
  13. Onboarding Videos
  14. Case Studies
  15. Portfolio Videos
  16. Promotional Discount Videos
  17. Sales Presentations
  18. Documentaries
  19. Company Culture Videos
  20. Webinars
  21. Industry Trends
  22. Assembly Videos
  23. Morning Routines
  24. Q&As
  25. Product Updates
  26. Product Operations
  27. What Not to Do Videos
  28. Latest Video Trends
  29. Time Lapse Videos
  30. Celebrating International Days
video content ideas for businesses

Great Video Content Ideas You Can Use

So, now you should have some great video content ideas for businesses to take advantage of and use for your marketing efforts. 

However, finding video ideas is only the first step. You also need to write the script and film the video, which can take up lots of time. At Killer Copywriting, we have many years of experience in writing high-quality scripts for marketing videos helping increase sales in the process. 

Contact us today and book a call to learn more about how we can help you create amazing video content for your business.