Understanding Teal Deer And How To Avoid It

teal deer

So you’ve come across the term teal deer or as it’s commonly referred to as TLDR, but have no idea what it actually means? Don’t worry you’re not alone! This phrase can be insanely rude in some situations so it’s best to understand it fully.

What Does Teal Deer Mean?

It stands for: Too long didn’t read. This is usually accompanied by a concise comment detailing what the long written piece is actually talking about. 

Therefore, whenever you receive a long-winded email at work that has absolutely no relevance (we’ve all been there) it’s best to refrain from using teal deer. 

Does Teal Deer Always Refer to Length?

TLDR is really subjective depending on what is being discussed. For example, a highly technical article that’s 2,000 words wouldn’t be classed as too long didn’t read. On the contrary, a 500 worded piece that only had 2 lines of helpful information and the rest being fluff would be. 

In other words, the amount of value that is taken from the quantity of the length determines it. Whether the value is for entertainment, providing facts, or guiding you through a process.  

Where Do You Usually Find TDLR Comments?

Teal deer is used throughout the internet and beyond. As mentioned, it could be said quietly as work to a fellow colleague. Otherwise, you’ll find comment sections on blogs festering with the saying. 

How Can Writers Prevent These Comments?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, make sure to include useful information! In the world of SEO writing, many blogs know that they are required to reach a certain word count to be favoured by search engines. But keep in mind, this isn’t an excuse to talk about irrelevant information that has nothing to do with the topic. 

A great way to outcome this is by adding some real-life examples, to whatever you’re talking about. By doing so, it helps the reader become further invested while still ensuring to meet the word target. 

Writing About Mind-Numbing Topics

Not every article written is extremely riveting. Sometimes even boring subjects must be discussed. However, that’s no excuse to let the quality of writing drop. Otherwise, this will result in your articles being littered with TDLR comments. 

Therefore when writing about stuff you’re not completely enthusiastic about, ensure to keep it straight to the point.

Coming to Terms With Teal Deer

Not every blog post you write will hit the target. Or sometimes it may be perfect to one viewer, yet awful to the next. The point being is you’ll likely see TDLR comments whether you like them or not. Yes, you can reduce them using the tips discussed, but prepare yourself for the inevitable. 

Finding Writers to Help

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself into crafting perfectly written posts, especially if you know that a TDLR comment is just around the corner, then why not try us? 

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