The Top 150 Engaging Blog Post Titles for Travel

Blog Post Titles For Travel

We all love to travel, so naturally, it’s a popular topic for blogging, but which blog post titles for travel should you focus on? 

Every blog should ideally have some variety within it, as this will keep readers engaged and looking forward to any particularly interesting topics that may come up.

In this article, you’ll discover our picks for the most important ones to consider and a bunch of other useful travel topics to keep your blog going!

100 Essential Travel Blog Titles

  1. How to travel cheap

You can, of course, phrase this in other ways (e.g., how to travel on a budget), but the key reason this is our top pick is that people are always looking for ways to travel for as little as possible.

  1. How to pack light

Another way to save money is to travel light (so you will pay less for baggage). People also want to know how to reduce the amount they carry, so this is one of the blog post titles for travel that will gain some attention.

  1. How to plan the ultimate romantic trip

Try to include other related words like ‘honeymoon’, but definitely consider this topic, as there are lots of romantic trip ideas you can focus on, as well as different directions you can take this in.

  1. Top _ romantic destinations

Continuing the romance theme, you could also opt to write about the best romantic getaways, and you could consider mixing this with other ideas (e.g. the most romantic Christmas destinations).

  1. Planning the perfect road trip

There are many things you can focus on within this travel blog idea, and you could make several versions (e.g. what to pack for the ultimate road trip, tips and tricks for a hassle-free road trip etc).

  1. Tips and tricks for finding budget hotels

Once again, people are always looking for the best deals for their money. It’s a ‘quality vs. money’ type of topic, and it will inevitably gain attention.

  1. How to stay safe while traveling

It’s always useful to know how to stay safe during a long trip abroad, especially since you will be unfamiliar with your surroundings.

  1. How to stay safe while backpacking

A similar idea to the one above, but with a specific focus on the style of travel (i.e., staying in hotels vs. staying in hostels, camping, or staying in a camper van).

  1. Top _ scams to look out for when traveling

Keeping in with the theme of safety, it’s also useful to know about the most common scams and the tell-tale signs that you might be about to be scammed. If you’re searching for interesting blog post titles for travel, this would be a great addition.

  1. What key things should you avoid while traveling?

This is a broader version of the topic above. It enables you to cover a lot of topics at once, and it also gives you the ability to link to other articles and useful resources.

  1. How to budget your travel money

Making your money stretch further will ensure that you make the most out of your trips, and this topic provides an excellent chance to create a helpful guide.

  1. Key foreign language phrases you should learn 

A great thing about this topic is that you can rewrite it several times for different languages, thereby enabling you to repost the article multiple times.

  1. The best luxury hotels around the world

While saving money and traveling on a budget will be important to many travelers, so too is having a luxurious experience.

  1. How to find the best travel insurance

By creating comparison articles, you can link to high-ranking websites such as MoneySupermarket, while also providing valuable information to your readers. Moreover, travel insurance is always a hot travel blog idea. 

  1. How to stay safe while traveling alone

There are several safety-related articles you should consider including in your travel blog, and this is another great idea since it will require a completely different perspective and approach.

  1. The best cruise ship holidays around the world

Another topic you can potentially repost (e.g. for Europe, America, etc.) enables you to discuss the destinations and activities on the cruises.

  1. The best weekend getaways for 2022

These topics can always be tweaked and changed every year to keep them relevant, but otherwise, it’s another great topic you can use each year.

  1. The best trips for kids in 2022

There are plenty of locations around the world intended for kids, and this topic can enable you to compare, contrast, and also mention certain providers, as well as provide a link to them — for instance, Disneyland Paris.

  1. Top _ family trips for 2022

Similar to the children’s holiday destinations topic, family holidays are highly popular around the world, with plenty of places to discuss. You could also focus on specific countries and regions (e.g., you could mention Butlins for the UK).

  1. What to avoid in….(select a country or region)

Here’s another article that you can rewrite for specific locations or regions. It’s essential to know the customs, different cultural differences, and things to avoid to stay safe and out of trouble.

  1. The best holiday destinations for 2022

This is another broad topic, but it will provide you with many options to discuss, opportunities to include links, and the ability to rewrite and transform for upcoming years.

  1. What to do in… (country, region, etc)

Another travel blog idea that provides you with the opportunity to repost the topic for many different locations.

  1. The best locations for interrailing 

A great idea that enables you to compare and contrast many locations while also promoting interrailing as a travel idea. Another good option to add to your collection of blog post titles for travel.

  1. How to cope with long-haul flights

These articles will benefit parents and people who suffer from a fear of flying.

  1. How to pass the time on long coach journeys

Similar to the coping on planes idea, this travel blog idea can provide a chance to educate travelers about how to entertain themselves on long-distance trips.

  1. The best credit card options for travel in 2022

Credit card rates change all the time, and there will always be opportunities to rewrite this article to reflect those changes.

  1. How to prepare before a big trip

A simple but useful article idea that newbie travelers will find invaluable. Therefore, it’s worth considering adding this to your list of blog post titles for travel.

  1. Long trips vs. short trips (which is better?)

There’s an opportunity here to create a fairly sizable comparison guide, as well as plenty of opportunities to link to other useful or interesting topics within your blog.

  1. Top _ reasons why you should visit… (country, region, etc)

A simple and effective top 5 or top 10 article that breaks down why people should visit a certain place is likely to bring loads of budding travelers to your site.

  1. The most useful travel hacks that you need to know

People are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, and traveling is one area where people want to minimize hassle as much as possible.

  1. Top _ travel jobs

As well as simply listing the jobs and explaining what they entail, you can also make a compelling case for why people should consider working in travel jobs.

  1. How to check if your hotel is safe

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of hotels that have been exposed for recording guests with hidden cameras, highlighting general safety concerns. This will be a hot topic for your blog.

  1. The best travel apps to use in 2022

Focus on writing about the apps that will improve people’s travel experiences, as well as help them with booking trips, finding cheap deals, and more.

  1. Excellent souvenir ideas 

Sometimes people find it difficult to know what types of gifts to purchase for their loved ones while overseas, so here’s a great opportunity to provide some useful ideas.

  1. How to prepare for customs

Customs can sometimes be a stressful experience, so it’s good to know how to be prepared beforehand, to at least make the experience a little smoother.

  1. How to sort out your visa

Similar to the topic of customs, this will be a highly useful topic for readers. This topic will also likely benefit first-time travelers when exploring countries requiring visas. 

  1. How to renew your passport

A potentially useful travel blog idea for newbie travelers, as well as a great resource to refer to if there are any major changes that regular travelers should be aware of.

  1. The best first-class providers for air travel

This is a brilliant topic that you can use to target luxury travelers.

  1. The ultimate travel insurance comparison guide for 2022

Insurance is an expensive thing, especially for travel. This comparison guide idea can serve as a great resource that you can continually revisit year on year.

  1. Behavior to avoid on a plane

This is a great topic for those who might not be aware of plane etiquette or the best ways to improve their experience while on a plane.

  1. Behavior to avoid at the airport

This would mostly serve as a safety article since you would be warning people about behavior that would gain the attention of security. Nevertheless, still a good addition to your blog post titles for travel.

  1. Behavior to avoid on a bus or coach

Other than educating about etiquette, you could tweak these types of articles to reflect cultural differences in different regions while using public transport.

  1. The best restaurants in… (country, region, etc)

This is a simple travel blog topic that you can reuse many times for various locations.

  1. How to feel at home while traveling

Homesickness is a tricky thing that we can all experience at some point in our lives, so a guide that provides tips on how to feel at home is a great way to address that.

  1. The highest-rated travel destinations for 2022

Reviews are essential in the travel industry, and guides that include rankings, scores, and feedback are useful for people who may not wish to scour websites such as Trip Advisor.

  1. The lowest rated travel destinations for 2022

Negative topics will typically gain more traction in a blog, and this could provide an opportunity to provoke some intense discussions.

  1. The best locations to visit as a couple

This topic presents an opportunity to discuss couples-only activities or to simply showcase destinations that are best suited to couples.

  1. The world’s best travel companies in 2022

This will change every year anyway, but who knows? Perhaps your blog could become the authority on it!

  1. The essential travel gear you need for… (region, place, season, etc)

Particularly useful for beginners. This could also provide an opportunity to include sponsors, as you could link to their products within the blog.

  1. The best locations to go backpacking in 2022

With this article, you can potentially target a younger demographic, as many backpackers tend to be younger. What’s more, you can keep changing the article to keep it relevant each year. Perfect for when you need to regularly come up with blog post titles for travel.

Another 50 Blog Post Titles For Travel

  1. The best places to go hiking in 2022
  2. Tips and tricks to keep kids entertained during long trips
  3. How to have a fun day out in… for just… (you can place countries, regions, and amounts here)
  4. How to travel for a living
  5. Best locations for digital nomads
  6. Top destinations for ex-pats
  7. The most expensive locations in the world
  8. The cheapest locations in the world
  9. The most expensive hotels in the world
  10. The cheapest hotels in the world
  11. The ultimate travel guide for inner-city travel in New York City (or any other location)
  12. The best airports in the world
  13. The worst airports in the world
  14. The best comparison websites for cheap flights
  15. The best locations for summer fishing holidays
  16. The best places to go apple picking in autumn
  17. The most exciting areas for road trips
  18. Where should you spend spring break in 2022?
  19. How to prepare for your first spring break
  20. How to prepare for the ultimate romantic honeymoon
  21. Where to spend your honeymoon in 2022
  22. How to reduce stress during travel
  23. How to destress and relax while on holiday
  24. Tips and tricks for your first solo trip
  25. The best locations for work-related trips
  26. Top _ reasons why you should travel regularly
  27. How to ease back into work-life after a holiday
  28. The ultimate jungle resort holidays for 2022
  29. How to make the most out of your weekend getaway
  30. The best international locations for a stag do
  31. The best international destinations for your hen party
  32. The most romantic locations to get married in 2022
  33. Top _ most ‘instagrammable’ locations in the world
  34. The best places to visit around the world as a photographer
  35. The best places to go for a spa holiday
  36. Top _ destinations for surfing holidays
  37. Top _ party destinations for 2022
  38. Top _ winter sports you need to try in 2022
  39. The wildest things to do in… (country, region, etc.)
  40. Top tips for creating your dream holiday
  41. The best safari holidays for 2022
  42. The most thrilling locations for birdwatching in 2022
  43. Top _ dishes you can only get in… (country, region, etc.)
  44. The ultimate guide for campervan holidays
  45. The best locations for campervan holidays
  46. What to do when you lose your passport abroad

Inspiration For Travel Ideas

  1. What you can learn from traveling
  2. What are the benefits of travel?
  3. How can travel improve your life?
  4. How travel broadens the mind

Seasonal Blog Post Titles For Travel

  1. Top _ summer holiday destinations
  2. Top _ US summer holiday destinations
  3. Top _ European summer holiday destinations
  4. Top _ Asian summer holiday destinations
  5. Top _ spring holiday destinations
  6. Top _ winter destinations
  7. Top _ autumn destinations

Key Calendar Event Ideas

  1. Top _ valentine’s day destinations
  2. Top _ destinations for the Easter holidays
  3. Top _ destinations for the Christmas holidays
  4. The best Asian Christmas markets
  5. The best American Christmas markets
  6. The best European Christmas markets
  7. The best international Christmas markets
  8. Best locations to spend New Year’s Day
  9. Where to find cheap flights for thanksgiving
  10. Where to find cheap flights for Christmas
  11. Where to find cheap flights for easter
  12. Where to find cheap flights for new years
  13. Where to find cheap flights for the holidays

Even More Ideas For Your Travel Blog

  1. Safe locations for LGBTQ+ travelers
  2. Top _ wine vineyard tours
  3. The best European tourist tours
  4. The best American tourist tours
  5. The best Asian tourist tours
  6. Top _ camping trip ideas
  7. Top _ camping destinations
  8. The best sites for rock climbing around the world
  9. Best carry on hand luggage options
  10. The best international wine tasting trips
  11. Ideal locations for log cabin holidays
  12. Top _ hidden forest getaways
  13. The best European nature trail holidays
  14. The best American nature trail holidays
  15. The best Asian nature trail holidays
  16. Top _ hiking destinations
  17. Ski resort locations you need to visit in 2022
  18. What to wear for your beach holiday
  19. Which sunscreen is right for you?
  20. Top _ summer beach holiday destinations
  21. How to calm a distressed baby while on a plane
  22. The most common work-related travel expenses to look out for
  23. Top _ inspirational quotes to inspire you to travel
  24. The most exciting movie location spots
  25. Here’s what you need to know about… (country, region, culture, etc.)
  26. A comprehensive guide to airline reward programs
  27. The ultimate suitcase review for 2022
  28. The most random travel tips you should know
  29. The best airline food for 2022
  30. Unsafe areas to avoid in your favorite countries

There you go!

As you can see throughout this article, you have many different options and directions you can add for travel blog posts.

Since the various seasons include a range of different events, you’ll always have something to write about, all year round.

If you would like to learn more about our blog writing services and how they can help you write compelling topics that will increase your readership, click here to explore our services.