The Technical Writer Cover Letter Comprehensive Guide

The Technical writer cover letter Comprehensive Guide

Interested in applying for technical writing positions? Or maybe you’re at least considering it. No matter the reason, one requirement that will dramatically improve your chances of being offered your dream role is a compelling technical writer cover letter. 

As it currently stands the average pay for the industry is just below $70,000 and goes all the way up to $100,000. It’s no wonder why so many are interested in the sector. 

There are obviously other aspects that must be considered such as relevant work experience and a nicely formatted CV. However, the first important stage to landing the job will be when an employer reads your cover letter. From this point onwards, they will be building a profile to see if you have what it takes.

Technical Writer Cover Letter Basics

A technical writer cover letter helps provide crucial information to the employer about your skills gained from prior work experience and other certifications relating to the field. The aim isn’t to include extensive information but to give a small snippet of why you should be considered for the role.

Understanding the Structure

When writing the cover letter, you must follow the suitable format:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information
  • Date sent
  • Name of the company offering the position 
  • Main text promoting your abilities
  • Your name signed or written

This is the usual format when writing a technical writer’s cover letter. However, sometimes a few adjustments can be made such as including the company name in the main text rather than above it.

How to Begin the Main Text

To start with, you want to capture the attention of the employer straight away. Therefore, in the first few sentences, your main objective is to convince them that you’re the perfect candidate. To follow on from this be sure to mention some facts about the company to show you’ve done your research. Lastly, add how your career goals align with the role. 

Writing the Middle Part

Now for the next few paragraphs, the aim is to connect your past work experience and certifications to the role. The priority is to focus on the best examples that relate to the role to showcase what you bring to the table. If possible, include instances where you’ve had great success on completed projects due to the response received (factual results would be a bonus). 

Always avoid adding lists throughout the main body of text. This is viewed as unprofessional, especially when applying for technical writer jobs. 

Bringing the Technical Writer Cover Letter to an End

Before finishing the letter include an appreciative comment thanking them for considering you for the role and taking the time to read your letter. Along with, noting your eagerness to progress to the next stage of the hiring process. 

Nailing the Tone

Throughout the entire technical writer cover letter, the tone must be consistent and sound formal. The idea is to come across as professional and concise as possible. Any jokes you thought maybe appropriate most likely aren’t so it’s best not to use them. Once you can gauge the type of employers from the face-to-face interview, then and only then it may be safe to!   

Major Parts to Avoid in the Technical Writer Cover Letter

We’ve covered a lot of what you should do when writing, but what about the stuff you should not mention? Well, there are certainly parts to the hiring process it’s best not to discuss until further down the line.  

Salary is obviously a major topic that must be discussed between both the employee and employer, however, never include your salary expectation on the cover letter. Due to the sensitivity of it, this is always talked about at the face-to-face interview. 

Following on from salary, benefits are also a no-go on a cover letter. Again, due to the delicate negotiation process, it’s always discussed once the employer wishes to bring up the subject during one of the interviews. 

Never mention any other competitors that you’re also applying for. Most don’t do this on purpose but forget to alter their cover letter when applying for a similar role in a different company. It’s so important to check this as the interviewer will pick up on this straight away. Which will more than likely cost you the possibility of progressing. 

Do not lie! It’s so easy for an interviewer to catch out parts you’ve clearly lied about. It may help get you through to the next stage. Although, during the process, it will become evident that you’re making it up on the spot. 

Filling up Space as a New-Entry

If you’re trying to break into this industry and don’t have a huge amount of relevant work behind you, there are some tricks to help boost your cover letter: 

  • Talk about your willingness to learn

Motivation is such a sought-after characteristic to have. By discussing how you’ve done a lot of research into the field and you’re passionate about starting and developing a career, then your chances of getting to the next stage can dramatically improve. 

  • Emphasize how your education is ideal for the role

Talking about your English grade, especially if you were awarded a high mark, would definitely enhance your cover letter. Technical writing focuses heavily on an individual’s ability to write clear and concise text. Therefore, discussing this amongst other relevant classes taken in detail would be a great option. 

  • Interest in the niche 

Many hours will be spent researching and writing about the sector you’re applying for. That’s why it’s in your best interests to ensure that you enjoy what you’ll be doing. If not, your work will reflect the lack of passion. 

  • Clarifying that you know exactly what you’ll be doing

There are many different types of text technical writers focus on, check out technical writer examples here for a better understanding. The point being, that employers want applicants to clearly relay what the role involves. 

So, read through the job description clearly and make a note of all content types written about. Then include this information clearly to voice your attention to detail skills and how confident you are to complete these projects.   

Getting Help From the Professionals

Creating the perfect technical writer cover letter can be a complex process. That’s why for those that are a second away from pulling their hair out, we’re here to help. 

Our team consists of technical writers who have firsthand experience. They can help chisel a spectacular cover letter irrespective of the experience you have. Contact us here to get started.