Should you consider Linkedin Marketing for B2B lead generation?

Linkedin Marketing blog picture

Linkedin has built up its reputation throughout the years and has become synonymous with networking and job hunting. Little did we know that it would expand into the hugely successful platform it is today, especially with its rocky start. 

There is an impressive amount of 300 million users worldwide, with over 3 million company pages. This roughly equates to 33% of professionals in the world using the platform. Needless to say that when it comes to finding the largest collection of business experts, Linkedin is the place to go, every time.   

In 2015 a crucial analysis was carried out to identify which social media platform was the most effective for B2B leads. The results came back with a clear winner! 80.33% of Business to Business leads came from (you guessed it) Linkedin. Twitter came second with a mere 12.73%.

However, a solid marketing strategy is still required for any business looking to capitalize on lead generation possibilities. For example, did you know that leads are more likely to convert between 1 and 4 pm, And 1 in 3 posts that received high engagement included a question mark? 

Without the necessary knowledge and tools, it can be hard for small businesses to make an impact. Time is valuable, therefore, you do not want to be wasting it on marketing campaigns that won’t provide a high ROI (Return on Investment).  

For readers that have just started a business, we have this advice for you: Linkedin is an excellent way to obtain quick connections that will create revenue for the business. However, never put all your eggs in one basket! Other long-term marketing techniques that are greatly beneficial such as SEO content and a strong Social Media Presence are just as important. 

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