SEO website content: The In’s and Out’s

When it comes to SEO website content many of us may feel like pulling our hair out. There is so much advice on the subject, however, they all state different things. You’ve most likely read one of the following: Focus on your audience, focus on keywords, or focus on explaining what you do. 

So, what approach is best? Finding out what works is especially important as you only have a limited window. Therefore, you must capture the attention of your audience before they slip away into the abyss

Easy to Understand SEO Website Content

Before you even begin to start writing website content, you need to think about your audience. Who will be visiting your website? What sort of content will they gravitate towards?

With this in mind, think about your target audience’s level of literacy. Would they understand the complicated jargon or complex sentences? If not you would need to tailor your content to suit these needs.

In fact, several studies have found that clear and simple language is actually better for SEO. As it will take less time to understand what is being said, viewers are more likely to stay on the page and navigate around the site as they will clearly grasp what the content is saying.

Appealing to your niche

It’s not just the language level that you need to be aware of when creating website content. The voice and tone of your site are of the utmost importance. 

Voice is your personality and how you would like to come across to your potential customers. A consistent brand voice throughout the whole website is necessary for your customers to understand exactly what your brand represents. 

On the other hand, the tone of your brand should differ according to what sort of content you are writing and what you want your audience to feel. For example, for a home page, a welcoming, friendly tone is necessary to keep the customers engaged and wanting to learn more about your business. A formal, straight-to-the-point tone would be more suited to a Privacy Policy page for instance.

The SEO behind SEO Website Content

Now that you understand how to relate content to your audience, it’s time to put it in front of them. There are many ways to advertise your business, search engine optimization is a great starting point. By simply using keywords throughout your website, you will benefit from searchers stumbling across your site. Whether it be Bing or Google, understanding how to attract organic traffic to your website can help generate sales and leads. 

If you’re a little stuck where to begin, a great starting point would be to use Google trends. Search any keyword you believe to be important to your business and see the level of interest. The higher volume of individuals searching for a keyword or phrase will ensure your SEO website content becomes visible. 

However, it’s not always that easy. In today’s digital landscape, keywords are fought over rigorously. Therefore, you need to become creative to stand out. Identify words or phrases that relate to your products and services that are more descriptive. For example, if you were selling tables, your focus wouldn’t be the word ‘table’ but the type: Black Oakwood Table (dimensions).   

By placing this in your product pages text a few times, Google and other search engines will rank your website for that specific phrase. 

Research and Content that’s done right

At Killer Copywriting, we take the time to research and produce conversion-rich content for your business. Our team of writers are always on call to answer all of your content needs. Let us take care of the writing, so you can get down to the important stuff. Contact us here.