Self Storage Blog Topics To Reach Your Audience

Self Storage Blog Topics

The majority of businesses can benefit from using the almighty power of SEO to bring customers to their site. However, knowing its potential is the easy part, trying to execute it properly is where things start to become a little more complex. To help make things easier, we’ve created some self storage blog topics so you can cross these content ideas off the list.

Let’s get started to see if any suit your needs:

  1. What to look for when finding the best boat storage?

Make sure to only use this topic if you have units available for storing boats!

  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of storing batteries 

The more information the better for this one, there are a lot of safety points to talk about. 

  1. Keeping patio furniture in good condition throughout the winter

It would be ideal to mention different methods as well as self-storage options.

  1. Safely storing lawn equipment during the winter months

You could mention what happens if the equipment isn’t stored correctly, and how they could be paying a hefty price.

  1. What to keep and store when traveling for a long duration

Does a favorite destination come to mind? If so, why not include it in the self storage blog topic to draw from experience.

  1. How to keep jewelry well protected in self-storage

Maybe you could discuss how precious family heirlooms are to relate to the readers that stumble across your blog. 

  1. How to prevent mice from getting into your self-storage unit

Talk about the potential damage mice and other rodents can cause to items inside the unit, and the best ways to protect them. This is one of the self storage blog topics where your experience can really come in useful.

  1. All you need to know before renting a self-storage unit

Look to prior experience when helping customers. Are there certain things they’ve mentioned that none of them had any idea about?

  1. How to store business files to provide peace of mind 

It may sound simple, but when it comes to important business files many will look for suggestions to keep their documents safe. So, be sure to include multiple ideas about this.

  1. Storing items ready for a quick getaway (emergency evacuation)

You could discuss different positions that allow renters to access the important items if there’s a potential evacuation coming. You can’t leave your funky socks behind!

  1. Finding the best-sized storage containers for self-storage units

For this one, you could discuss the different size units you have available and what containers would be best to use.

  1. Where to put camping equipment when not in use?

The topic will most likely get some traction. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t have camping equipment laying around?

  1. The main items that are put away in self-storage

This is a good one to promote the storage of certain items that are usually too big to be kept at home. 

  1.  What not to put in a self-storage unit 

Knowing what not to store can benefit both your customers and the business itself, therefore this subject should go into great detail about what shouldn’t be done. 

  1. How to store lumber for a long duration without issues 

Construction materials take up a lot of room. If you’re able to rent out storage units to DIY enthusiasts then you can expect them to use the units for the long run.

  1. Using a self-storage unit for your business

It would be good to discuss the legal requirements that must be followed when businesses use self-storage units.

  1. Is getting storage property insurance worth it?

Consider looking into the different types available to inform the readers whether it’s worth getting and if it is, what type is best.

  1. Can photos be stored in units without them becoming damaged?

This could be a good way to talk about climate-controlled units that can be ideal for certain items.

  1. Why are more and more people using self-storage units?

Listing all the benefits may persuade the reader that using the storage method is the best choice, and they may even use yours! Also, refer to facts that prove renting units is on the rise.

  1. How long does it take to get self-storage?

Here’s a good chance for you to boast about your quick processing times to attract readers to your business. This is an excellent choice when looking for self storage blog topics.

  1. What you’ll expect to pay when it comes to renting self-storage

It would be a good idea to talk about the average costs and how your prices compare. If they’re higher than others, talk about the added benefits that your business provides.

  1. How to properly clean out a unit 

Keeping the units that your business rents out clean doesn’t just benefit the customer, but you as well. Therefore, make sure to go into great detail with this topic.

  1. Keeping holiday decorations in good condition

Many of us go overboard when it comes to Christmas, and decorations are no exception. However, when it comes to putting them somewhere, it can be difficult.

  1. What items are usually stolen when they are in a storage unit?

If you have security measures in place to prevent a problem like this from occurring, then inform the readers. 

  1. Should I rent a self-storage unit annually or monthly?

Ideally, it would be good to mention how not just seasonal stuff can be stored and that other clutter around the house can be taken to the unit and kept safe.

  1. Do storage units work well for photographers who need a cheap studio?

This is an interesting one that could potentially provide more customers to your business, different from your typical renter.

  1. Can wood furniture be kept safe in a storage unit?

Ensure to include tips on all the different ways that help keep wood furniture in good condition. 

  1. Finding refrigerated units nearby 

This topic is best to be used only if you offer these types. Although, if they don’t necessarily need a refrigerated one then talk about alternative options. E.g. maybe units that can keep fridges or freezers inside.

  1. Are security guards worth it for self-storage facilities?

Even if you don’t offer security guards, you could discuss other methods in place to keep items safe and secure when using units. This helps readers understand how safe items are when put into units.

  1. Is it better to throw away big items or put them in storage?

Keep in mind you’re trying to promote your business, so you should mention useful items that aren’t used all the time, and would be best to store. 

And there you go

Hopefully, that helps remove the void when it comes to thinking of new self-storage blog topics that have the potential of bringing in new customers. 

However, next comes the long task of actually writing about the subjects listed. Although, there is a solution. Our team of professional writers is on-call to create the content you need when you need it.

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