Professional Blog Examples to Get You Started

Professional Blog Examples to Get You Started

In the age of the internet, blogging has increasingly grown in popularity, becoming one of the best tools for improving your SEO. If you are interested in seeing some of the best professional blog examples, look no further. 

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Great Professional Blog Examples – All You Need to Know

Before writing a blog, it’s a good idea to first look at some professional blog examples to give you some inspiration and more of an idea of what to do when writing one. In this article we will be showing some great professional blog examples in the following industries:

  • Copywriting and SEO
  • Marketing and Sales
  • HR
  • Productivity
  • Technology
  • Software
  • WordPress
  • Design

Professional Blog Examples

So let’s get right into the topic, check out the best professional blog examples below:

Copywriting and SEO Blog (Killer Copywriting)

Killer Copywriting is well known in the copywriting industry for its high-quality copywriting and SEO content. 

If you want excellent copywriting and SEO tips, there is no better place to look at some professional blog examples of this than with this blog. The blog contains articles that go in-depth about how to write effectively, what to look out for when writing for SEO, and more.

Check out a few professional blog examples below to get more of an idea: 

Blog 1: Copywriting Rates – Everything You Need To Know

This post is an in-depth look at copywriting rates. It covers everything you need to know, from what you need to look out for when getting prices from copywriters to the average price per word. 

Take a look at the enticing title and the subheadings. This blog is written so that it catches the audience’s attention, and its use of certain keywords ensures it also caters to SEO. 

Blog 2: Are Landing Pages Good For SEO?

This blog contains everything you need to know when asking the question: Are landing pages good for SEO? Learn about what SEO is, how to improve your website’s bounce rate, and more with this detailed article. 

One of the things this blog post does well is the use of subheadings. This not only helps break up the text. Easy to read subheadings help the reader find out what they’re going to read next. 

An anchor text helps with this even more, as the visitor can quickly click the links to get to the part they want to read as soon as possible. 

Blog 3: 10 Content Writing Companies That Produce Results

This post gives a good overview of the top ten content writing companies, giving the reader an idea of what to expect from each one. From covering what their strengths and weaknesses are, to why it’s a good idea to outsource your content needs, this article has it all.

Once again, this blog post has great use of its subheadings. But that’s not all, its use of outbound links to the different content writing companies makes it super easy to get to these content writing websites with ease. 

Marketing and Sales Blog (Hubspot)

Hubspot is a big marketing software company, mainly known for its online marketing tools and CRM system. 

However, now they are also known for their informative blogs on marketing, sales, and their industry as a whole. If you are looking for marketing and sales tips or even industry reports, you are bound to find exactly what you are searching for in one of their blogs. 

Why not take a look at some of their professional blog examples to have a better idea of some marketing and sales posts:

Blog 1: 16 Customer Experience Trends & Stats That’ll Define the Next Year

This blog post is a detailed look at the industry, and the recent trends that may change the way customer experience is dealt with. Those looking to understand the recent trends in customer experience, and how to improve the customer journey, will not need to look further.

What this blog excels at is its use of data. Short, quotable data and the use of graphs really elevate this blog. It helps those reading it understand the data and the industry much easier, whilst keeping them engaged. This may not have happened if they had just read long lines of text.

Blog 2: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sales Process

This article explains all the different things that need to be included in a sales process, and what can be done to improve your sales process and increase sales. If readers are looking to find out how to improve their sales method, then this blog will have everything they need to get started.

On this blog, the use of a step-by-step guide helps the reader understand exactly what they need to do to create a successful sales process. Each step contains simple, easy-to-follow information, ensuring they never misunderstand what needs to be done. 

Blog 3: The Ultimate Glossary: 44 Email Marketing Terms Marketers Must Know

In this blog, Hubspot explains all the complicated marketing terms that marketers may have come across when it comes to email marketing. 

From finding out what a blacklist is, to what an HTML email is, you are sure to have a much better understanding of the complicated email marketing terminology after reading this post!

This post is extremely easy to read while helping you find what you are looking for. If there is a particular definition you are not familiar with, it is in alphabetical order, so you can always scroll down to find it. 

HR Blog (Glassdoor for Employers)

Glassdoor is a very popular website that was created so that ex-employees can review companies they used to work at. This gives those who are looking to work for these companies more of an insight into what it’s like to work there.

They are also very well known in the HR industry for their Glassdoor for Employers Blog. The posts on this blog give HR professionals tips on how to effectively retain team members, interview candidates, and much more.

Take a look at some HR professional blog examples here:

Blog 1: 5 Ways to Retain Your Top Performers

One of the most important topics in HR today is finding how to retain your top performers. So being able to do this effectively is one of the most important duties a great HR manager should be able to do. This blog explains at length the different things that can be done to retain high-performing employees.

What this blog excels at is its simple format and great high authority links to other sites. Not only will these links help with SEO, but it also shows that they know what they are talking about and can back up their points by referencing high-quality websites and data.  

Blog 2: 6 Things to Remember When Interviewing a Potential Candidate

Interviewing candidates can be difficult, as interviewers need to find out if they will be a great fit for the company in a short amount of time. This article aims to help the interviewers by giving 6 things to remember and prepare for before interviewing a candidate. From researching the candidate beforehand to not rushing employment decisions, this blog has it all.

What this post does well is condensing the explanations. By explaining the 6 points in a condensed yet easy-to-understand manner, the readers will be able to know exactly what is needed without getting bored from reading too much fluff.

Blog 3: How to Manage Teams When Working Remotely

An important subject matter at the moment, managing teams when working remotely can be a struggle in these troublesome times. This article goes into detail about the different things that can be done to be better at managing teams remotely. From one-to-one and regular team meetings to using different collaboration apps, you are sure to improve your virtual managing skills with this blog.

One thing this blog does well at is linking helpful related content to some of their other blogs. As the blog is quite short and to the point, linking to other blogs lets them have more of an understanding of the topic. This also makes sure that they stay on the website for longer. 

Productivity Blog (Evernote)

Evernote is renowned for its popular note-taking, organization, and task management app. 

Its blog has also gained popularity in recent times due to its productivity tips. Whilst some of their blog posts do explain how to use the app and its many features, they write many articles helping people increase their productivity and improve their organization skills. 

Have a look at some of these productivity professional blog examples below:

Blog 1: How To Stay Disciplined When Times Are Tough

With so many distractions nowadays, it can be hard to stay disciplined. This article explains how to improve self-discipline, how to organize your time more effectively, and how to stay on track and reach your goals. 

This article explains each point thoroughly and even gives a bullet point guide on how to take action on each point to really drive home the advice that the article gives. 

Blog 2: Break the Monotony to Spark Inspiration

Great ideas can be hard to come by. So how do you get more great ideas? This article explains this, and how to spark inspiration more often through their top tips. By looking at this article the reader is sure to find more inspiration and come up with more creative ideas!

Again, the step-by-step guide that this blog utilizes makes it simple to read, and easy to carry out, making those reading the article more likely to achieve exactly what they wanted.

Blog 3: 4 Ways to Stay Focused and Get Stuff Done

Being focused on a particular project for a long amount of time can sometimes be a struggle. This blog post aims to stop you from becoming distracted and get more stuff done by increasing your ability to stay focused. 

From training your mind to ignoring distractions, to choosing the right work location, after reading this blog you are sure to stay super focused when working on any project in the future. 

The use of quotes and bullet points help give this article some variety. It also keeps the reader interested for a much longer amount of time than if they were simply looking at lines and lines of monotonous text. 

Technology Blog (Gizmodo)

Gizmodo is widely known in technology circles for the latest tech news and industry updates. 

Its blog is at the forefront of this, providing a range of content from the latest technology products, and giving their thoughts on how the technology industry is likely to change in the future. If you are in the technology industry, or just want to take a look at the latest tech, this blog will have you covered. 

Interested in seeing some professional blog examples in the technology sector? Take a look here:

Blog 1: Here’s Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021

This blog post is a deep dive into what happened at Apple’s annual world wide developer conference, and how the new software updates that they are bringing out will positively affect those who use their products. 

This blog is not only great thanks to its easy-to-read and simple layout, but it also has a video. This explains everything that happened at the conference, making the blog easier for those who prefer visual content.

Blog 2: 12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Your Chromebook

Although affordable Chromebooks are seen as simple, they contain tons of different features that you may not have known about before. This article explains the 12 things that you didn’t know you could do on your Chromebook and improve your efficiency when working on a Chromebook.

One thing that this blog does great is its headline. A recent study found that having a number in the headline, especially a low number, is 36% more preferred by a searcher than any other type of header. The main reason for this is its specificity, which makes it sound more credible than a generalized heading. 

Blog 3: Are We Ever Going to Run Out of Storage Space?

This post asks different professionals in the industry a question that may impact our future tech use: Are we ever going to run out of storage space? With billions of people using computers and storing data, this question is one that needs an answer sooner or later. 

This blog post succeeds thanks to Gizmodo getting professional experts to offer their views on the subject. This gives the post more authority and trustworthiness of their opinions, as it comes from professionals who would have much more of an idea about how to answer the question than a blog writer.

Software Blog (Help Scout)

Help Scout is a known provider of help desk software for companies all over the world.

Their blogs are aimed at those who want to understand how to limit software issues, and all the latest trends in the software industry.  From learning about AI customer support to finding the best software, this blog website has it all.

Sound intriguing? Take a look at some professional blog examples:

Blog 1: Why You Don’t need an AI Support Chatbot

With artificial intelligence gaining lots of ground recently as the new technology to automate processes and make things more efficient, many are wondering if they need an AI support chatbot. This blog answers this question, what AI chatbots are, and why it’s a bad idea to use one for software support.

This blog really excels due to its use of images. Images not only make a blog more aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, but it also helps the reader visually understand what is being said. 

Blog 2: Why Help Desk Software Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses 

Help desk software is often a piece of software that not many businesses have. This article aims to let you know what help desk software is, why it is needed, and what to look out for when buying it.

The screenshots in the blog illustrate their point in greater detail and show why it is so necessary for businesses to have help desk software.

Blog 3: Customer Service Trends Not to Care About in 2021

This blog goes into detail about the current trends in the customer service industry at the moment, and what trends your business doesn’t need to worry about. For those wanting to improve their customer service processes, this blog post will have all the answers.

The thorough research and analysis of the customer service sector in this blog post really makes it sound like they are an authority on all things customer service. Because of this, it improves the readers’ trust as a result.

WordPress Blog (WPBeginner)

WP Beginner is the largest blog for all WordPress-related content on the web. 

They are the authority for all things WordPress and are great for those looking to start blogging on the platform. Their blogs deal with all kinds of WordPress-related content, from learning how to display comments in your blogs, to how to download plugins.

Check out some professional blog examples below:

Blog 1: How to Display Most Commented Posts in WordPress

By displaying your most commented posts, you can help visitors find your best blogs that users have commented on, helping you increase pageviews. With this blog, you can learn exactly how to display your most commented posts, with or without a plugin.

Its use of screenshots and the code required to display most commented posts in between the text makes it simple and easy for those reading the blog.

Blog 2: How to Increase Ad Impressions in WordPress with Ad Refresh

Increasing ad impressions is something that all businesses want to achieve in order to ensure their ads reach the maximum number of people. But how do you do this? This blog post goes into detail on how you can increase your ad impressions with ad refresh. 

The use of large social media buttons helps persuade those enjoying the blog to share the post with their friends, which in turn gives the blog more page views.

Blog 3: How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages (Post Pagination)

When writing blog posts, being able to edit and design them to your liking is so important. Splitting your posts into multiple pages makes it easier for your readers to read your posts and go to the different sections. WPBeginner explains how to do this, with or without a plugin. 

The use of making certain parts of the post bold will make these parts stand out more, capturing the attention of the readers. This technique also points out the most important parts that the reader needs to take note of, which is vital for guides like this post.

Design Blog (Canva)

Canva is not only famous for its design software, but it is also renowned for its design blogs.

These professional blog examples cover a range of different topics in design, from the different design trends to the best fonts and color combinations. 

Check out some professional blog examples in the design industry here:

Blog 1: Design trends to try in 2021

With the design world changing all the time, trying to catch up to the latest trends can be difficult. This blog aims to help out, by showing the 7 most popular trends in the design industry in 2021.

If you have a design blog, the first thing you need to do is make sure the posts look nice. Thankfully, Canva excels in this department, with bright pictures all throughout and large text to ensure it’s easy to read.

Blog 2: 100 color combinations and how to apply them to your designs

Getting that perfect color combination could be the difference between a good design and a great design. This blog post explains everything you need to know when creating color combinations, and the 100 best combinations to try out.

At over 4,000 words, this type of blog post is known as long-form content. Long-form content is great for going into detail on certain topics. On average, it also receives a higher amount of shares, as found in a recent BuzzSumo study

Need Help Writing Blogs?

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what professional blog examples look like, and how to write one. 

However, writing blogs to a high professional standard isn’t as easy as it looks. 

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