Plumbing Blog Topics: 105 To Add To Your Blog

plumbing blog topics

If you’ve decided that having a blog for your business is a good idea, you’re absolutely right. From increasing your visibility on search engines to reaching some of the billions of social media users when writing about plumbing blog topics, there are millions of opportunities to drum-up new customers.

However, the tricky part is finding ideas to use. So, we thought we’d lend you a helping hand by sharing our favorite ones.

30 Plumbing blog topics to start with

1. What is a journeyman plumber?

For people that aren’t sure what the different titles in plumbing mean, a post talking about journeyman plumbers and how they’re different from others can shine some light on the matter.

2. Copper piping: what’s best to replace it with?

If copper piping is old and needs replacing, many individuals turn to the internet to find a suitable replacement. And, hey, they may even turn to your plumbing business to fit the new one!

3. How plumbing glue works

Novices that are dabbling around with fixing household plumbing issues typically turn to the internet for help. Become a trusted source for these people by telling them how best to use the glue and how to avoid mistakes.

4. What happens when small pipe leaks under your sink aren’t fixed quickly?

Hoping that a problem fixes itself while ignoring it for a while may seem like a dumb idea, but it’s one that many of us have done (guilty as charged). Talking about this issue and what consequences could follow will definitely benefit readers.

5. Clogged sink: Is it time to call a plumber?

Here you can discuss the different ways to unclog a sink. However, if it’s not going away, then guide your blog readers with the next step: call your business or other plumbers to solve it.

6. Avoid these common plumbing installation mistakes for kitchen islands

A kitchen island is a swanky addition to any home. To ensure the plumbing is hooked up properly, talk about mistakes that sometimes happen and how to prevent them from being an issue.

7. Can plumbers install residential wells?

There are often some gray areas between what a plumber can do and what they can’t. Enlightening readers about what the typical plumber can work on can help readers identify who they need for the job.

8. How to check if a plumber has the right certifications?

Different countries have different rules regarding what a plumber needs to do to be qualified. Educate readers about what plumbers must do to get certified when it comes to your home turf.

9. What is a shark bite, and how do you use it?

To some, it may sound like something that’s used when fishing. Share your knowledge by telling your website visitors what it actually is and how it’s supposed to be installed on a plumbing fitting.

10. Clogged toilet: flush without anxiety

Clogged toilets are the absolute worst. And if the usual techniques are not working to get rid of the blockage, many will turn to the internet for the answers. Provide these individuals in need with useful tips on other methods they can try to solve the problem.

11. How to install plumbing in a pool

Installing a new pool is a big deal. Obviously, people who decide to do this want the process to go swimmingly. However, if they’ve opted for the manual approach, then guide them through what they need to know.

12. How to set up plumbing for your washing machine

Guide readers through the steps you’d take to properly install the pipes for a washing machine. It would be a good idea to highlight any common mistakes that are made, so they can avoid them.

13. How to map out plans for a house renovation

Restructuring the plumbing for an entire house is no easy feat. Providing a high-quality guide with everything readers need to consider will definitely help increase your authority in the industry.

14. Plumbing vents: horizontally or vertically?

Share your expertise by informing website visitors on the best way to install plumbing vents. You can even make a pros and cons list for both.

15. How hard is it to weld plumbing pipes?

If pipes need to be welded into the right shape, let readers know how it can be done. It is most likely the case that turning to a professional is the best answer, so let readers know if you offer this service.

16. Modular home plumbing system: how to install it

Talk about the best ways that it can be actioned. And if any issues occur, discuss the ideal way for readers to fix them.

17. Biggest commercial plumbing fails

When things do not go according to plan, they definitely make interesting stories. Write about the ones you’ve encountered or been told about to entertain your readers.

18. Water well issues: is it time to contact a plumber?

From weird colors to unusual tastes, water well issues should usually be addressed, but at what stage? Give your honest opinion about when it’s right to get a plumber involved.

19. Is it time to use a plumbing snake?

When plumbing snakes seem like the only solution, let readers know if they are definitely the right choice. Otherwise, in certain situations where they don’t work, you can let them know about other options available.

20. Keeping plumbing fixtures tight without causing damage

If small leaks are occurring because of loose fixtures, then people experiencing this are likely to turn to the internet if they don’t know what they’re doing. Provide useful information on how to carry this out properly so they don’t end up flooding their house.

21. Using an unlicensed plumber: the risks

Although it may be the short-term cheaper option, it’s likely that the end result will be major costs in the long term. Talk about how dangerous it is to use someone who is not qualified to work on all things plumbing and how it could end up costing readers a lot of money in the future.

22. What are the steps to obtaining a commercial plumbing license?

Spread your wisdom with the next generation of plumbers. They may not need your services after reading this post, but it will certainly help increase your authority and trustworthiness.

23. How much money does a small leak actually cost?

If you’ve heard some horror stories of how water bills increased significantly due to a small leak, now is your time to share them with your readers.

24. Getting the plumbing installation right for dishwashers

There’s a lot to write about in this one. Over the years, you’ve most likely picked up on mistakes that happen regularly when installing plumbing for dishwashers. Share this information with your reader base so everything goes according to plan.

25. Keeping your plumbing system functioning during the winter

When temperatures begin to drop, it can cause havoc on water pipes. We all know this. Consider creating a listicle of all the different steps a reader can take.

26. Can plumbers install residential natural gas lines?

There’s often some confusion when it comes to plumbers working on gas jobs. What are they qualified to do? Can they only work on some tasks relating to gas pipes? Remove doubt from readers’ minds with this plumbing blog topic that will bring them up to speed.

27. Dealing with underground copper piping

It can be tricky for many homeowners to know what is their responsibility and what is the utility company’s when underground piping is concerned. Help them understand the basics with a helpful blog post talking about the matter.

28. Plumbing and showers: how to get it right

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive list of ideas unless we mentioned showers in our plumbing blog topics! By covering all the information an individual needs to know when running pipes to a shower, you can help them avoid any costly mistakes.

29. Looking after a septic tank

With this one, you can discuss all the different methods that help keep a septic tank in great condition. However, if readers are experiencing problems, let them know you’re here to help!

30. Setting up plumbing for a sink

Sinks are a common household appliance that is used daily. However, if they’re installed poorly, water leaks can occur left, right, and center. Help website visitors avoid making these mistakes by letting them know the correct way to install plumbing for sinks.

20 more interesting plumbing blog topics to explore

31. What to do when plumbing vents clog

A clogged vent can send many people into panic mode. Help ease these emotions by providing a detailed guide on the ways to unclog plumbing vents.

32. Frozen pipes: what should I do?

Share some useful tips with your readers on ways they can fix frozen pipes. And if the options you suggest don’t work, consider highlighting the services you offer to resolve the problem.

33. Plumbing checks when buying a house

Buying a new property can be an exciting adventure. The only downside is the different checks that are needed to ensure everything is in good working order. Help readers navigate the plumbing side of things by letting them know what to look out for.

34. What are the average rates of plumbers?

To prevent customers from paying extortionate prices, consider covering this topic to discuss the average rates for different plumbing services in your area. This is also a good one, as it allows you to check in on your customers.

35. How to find the best deals on plumbing items

Who doesn’t like finding a good deal? Let your readers know the best way to find them without sliding on quality.

36. How do plumbing bids work?

The process of plumbers bidding for jobs can be confusing from a customer perspective, especially if they’ve never used one before. Add some clarification on this matter.

37. How many plumbers should you talk to before going ahead?

It’s a hard truth to swallow, but not every plumber will be truthful when it comes to work that actually needs to be done. On some occasions, it’s been identified that certain tradesmen tell customers they need a lot of work when the reality is they don’t. Let your website viewers know the ideal number of plumbers to contact before beginning the work.

38. How to install drains the right way

This one can include various plumbing blog topics. For instance, you can talk about shower drains, floor drains, sink drains, and more.

39. I forgot to tie a dishwasher drain: what can I do?

Help readers fix their mistakes by telling them what to do next!

40. Basements and plumbing: the basics

Educate your viewers on how plumbing installation can be done in basements. Keep in mind that it’s worth mentioning how to avoid regular mistakes.

41. Adding plumbing to your shed

Although it may not happen too often, there are still individuals out there that want a running water supply for their sheds. Provide your knowledge on the subject to guide them in the right direction.

42. How pricey is it to add plumbing to sheds?

Following on from the previous one, you can continue this line of plumbing blog topics by discussing the average costs associated with adding plumbing to sheds.

43. How much will it set you back when adding a sink to the laundry room?

It’s definitely convenient to add a sink to the laundry room, but is it worth the cost? Creating a post explaining the different things that must be considered before going ahead is likely to attract many readers.

44. How do you use PEX tubing?

Let visitors know what PEX tubing actually is and how it can be used. Make sure to highlight everything you shouldn’t do when working with this type of tubing.

45. How do you use CPVC?

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes and fittings may be the ideal choice for the plumbing job at hand for homeowners. If they are, advise how to use them correctly without minimizing the risk of problems.

46. RV plumbing vs home plumbing

If you know how plumbing differs between the two, then pass on your knowledge to the world. By doing so, you’re likely to increase your authority in the plumbing world.

47. Why are my pipes making so much noise?

When an issue like this develops, many turn to the internet to help. Be there to greet them with a comprehensive guide on what could be causing the noise and what you can do to stop it.

48. How many days should you leave a drain clog before contacting a professional?

We all like the idea of problems going away. However, if this issue continues to persist, let readers know how long it can be left before serious damage is done.

49. Does sink size impact plumbing?

When it’s time for some renovations, homeowners may feel like upgrading certain household items. If the sink is one of these, then let them know what happens when they try to connect the existing plumbing to a different-sized sink.

50. Turning your water supply off: what you need to know

This is one of the best plumbing blog topics. It’s a common occurrence for homeowners to turn off their water supply when going away for a long period of time. However, is this best for their plumbing system? Talk about this and what they need to know.

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Even more Plumbing Blog Topics

51. The right way to use a plunger
52. Where to find the water valve
53. Difference between hard and soft water
54. Getting the best water heater
55. Radiator issues, can a plumber help?
56. The shower only has hot water: how can you fix it?
57. Only cold water is coming through in the shower: identifying and fixing the issue
58. Weird watercolor from the tap: what should you do?
59. What’s the best water pressure from a well?
60. What you should and shouldn’t put down the toilet
61. How to find out if your septic tank is full
62. Cleaning a showerhead so it’s back to full strength
63. Garbage disposal leak: how to solve the problem
64. Overflowing toilet: quick fixes
65. Why your faucet is dripping
66. Are cast iron pipes good?
67. Plumbing issues in a residential area
68. Is high water pressure bad for plumbing?
69. The top 10 most common plumbing issues
70. Using the toilet when water is turned off
71. Slow flushing toilet: what should you do?
72. Making the water pressure better in the house
73. Frozen AC pipes: The best solutions
74. Can coffee grounds go down the sink?
75. The showerhead is leaking: how to fix
76. The best way to fix a dishwasher that won’t drain
77. Why putting grease down the drain is super bad
78. How does a toilet actually work?
79. Increasing water levels in the toilet bowl
80. Bubble coming from the toilet: what is happening?
81. Sewer blockage: what should you do?
82. Is high-pressure drain cleaning worth it?
83. The best water heater temperature for the house
84. Getting rid of rust on sinks
85. Getting rid of rust on baths
86. Items that shouldn’t go in the dishwasher
87. The best unclogging tools for (year)
88. Can wildlife get into your pipes?
89. How to know if it’s time for a new toilet
90. Creating a plan so you can deal with plumbing emergencies
91. Drain cleaning service: what happens?
92. How to deal with flooding
93. Where to find local plumbers
94. Are flushable wipes actually okay to flush?
95. What is a water softener
96. Is a water softener worth using?
97. Frequently asked questions that plumbers get asked
98. Plumbing myths and truths
99. Keep costs down when plumbing is concerned
100. Case studies of customers you’ve helped
101. Local plumbing issues in your area
102. How (your company) has grown over the years
103. Signs that help you find good plumbers
104. Why feminine products shouldn’t go down the toilet
105. Why a plumber can sometimes be expensive

You’ve reached the end!

That’s all the plumbing blog topics we have for you! There are plenty to choose from, so hopefully, some will make a fine addition to your blog.

We’re always on hand to help you with your blog writing. Our writers have great experience in this niche and can create insightful content without hassle. Feel free to contact us for more information.