Is learning copywriting worth it in 2022? (Updated)

Is learning copywriting worth it? 2021 guide

If you’ve recently discovered copywriting, you may be asking: Is learning copywriting worth it in 2022? To understand if it’s the right choice, it’s best to understand exactly what it is, alongside the financial rewards of becoming one.

Breaking down Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive text to entice readers into purchasing a product or service. This can be in the form of many different types of content. Some of the main ones consist of the following:

  • Blogging
  • Website Content
  • Ads (Social Media, Billboards, and others)
  • Email Marketing 

All of them aim to inform a customer about a must-have service/product. Therefore, you can understand why companies from many different industries use either permanent contract copywriters or freelancers to help market their business. 

Is Learning copywriting worth It in 2022?

Since the digital age, copywriters have become highly sought after. With businesses forced to increase their online presence in recent years, due to the ever-expanding market, the need for their services continues to grow.

However, demand is only one part of the puzzle. Yes, you can usually find work, but does it pay well, and is learning copywriting worth it in 2022? In the U.S. the average copywriting wage is $52,069. Although this is similar to other industries, some copywriters are known to make over 6 figures. It all depends on the client or company. 

How much you can make also depends on whether you’re looking at becoming a freelancer or want a more permanent position. Most of us have probably heard that freelancing provides greater opportunities when income is concerned, and you wouldn’t be wrong believing this. 

According to a survey conducted on Freelancers vs Employees, 56% of freelancers said are paid more than their employee counterparts. However, there’s a lot to consider before deciding which path is best to go down. 

The threat of AI

Artificial intelligence is being developed at a rapid pace. Therefore, if robots will eventually take over, is learning copywriting worth it in 2022? 

The current programs that are available to use as an alternative to conventional copywriters are very limited. It’s been reported that the copy produced from them is either only suitable for small text projects, such as social media posts, otherwise, they are littered with errors. 

Copywriting usually requires many aspects to consider, such as tone of voice, keyword placement for SEO tasks, format, and much more. AI systems are currently not up to the task to meet these requirements and won’t be for a while. 

The industry may need to adapt to AI providing a serious alternative to actual humans somewhere down the line. However, this is still considered to be many years away. 

Freelancing or Permanent Roles 

For those that have decided that a copywriting career sounds intriguing, the next step would be to determine which role is suitable for your lifestyle. To help guide you through what you need to know, here are the advantages of both types.

Freelancing – Like the idea of working to your own schedule? Being a freelancer provides flexibility to your work. Typically, clients will focus on deadlines rather than hours needed per day. 

Another perk of freelancing is the ability to network with the chance of finding higher-paying opportunities. Businesses save big time on outsourcing work, therefore the average rate for a project will usually be much more than an employee doing the same thing.

Unlike permanent roles, projects are only completed when freelancers accept the job. This offers more control and helps to prevent burnout. If breaks are needed for any reason, whether a few days or a few weeks, they can simply complete all current assignments and not work on them anymore until ready. 

Freelance copywriters have a huge benefit of being able to complete orders while remote working. Many use this factor as a chance to travel when working. What’s not to love about seeing everything the world has to offer! 

Permanent – If structure plays an important role in your life, a permanent role is your best path. The week can be planned out accordingly, helping to keep employees organized. Many of us thrive by sticking to a routine and this type of position type will certainly help achieve that. 

Being an employee helps add extra security to your income to prevent inconsistent earnings throughout the year. Therefore, reducing any unnecessary stress about expenses that must be paid. When it comes to health care and pensions, businesses are known to subsidize or offer company plans for more protection. 

Freelancing can sometimes be lonely, as most work remotely. Permanent roles offer the chance to become embedded in a well-functioning team that will create long-lasting friendships for years to come. 

Branching out to similar fields

Copywriting is just one of the numerous fields that allow those that harness the written word to flourish. There are a bunch of different roles that require writers, and becoming a copywriter can help introduce you to them. Therefore, providing a nice bonus when learning: Is Learning Copywriting Worth It in 2022?

So what roles are we talking about? Take a look:

  • Content Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Journalist
  • Ebook Writer

Here’s an overview of what each type does:

Content Writer – This role consists of working on similar projects to those that a copywriter would undertake, but with a slight twist. The main objective is not to persuade, it’s to entertain or provide information. Many copywriters are known to work on content writing projects providing a great way to enhance their writing skills. 

Technical Writer – Have you ever used a manual for something you’ve purchased? The answer is probably no, but still, every item comes with one. It’s the technical writer’s job to discuss complex processes in simplistic terms so anyone can understand them. 

They work on a variety of technical content types, not just manuals. 

Journalist – Most of us are familiar with journalism. Media outlets around the world employ significant amounts of journalists to cover different stores. With so much choice on topics that need writers, finding work in a niche of interest shouldn’t cause a headache. 

Ebook writer – There are staggering amounts of money to be made in ebook writing. Clients are always on the lookout for ghostwriters that can capture their story. Due to the long process with some books being over a hundred pages long, the type of work provides consistent revenue for long months. 

Take away

There are a lot of dollars to be made in this sector. However, becoming an expert won’t happen overnight. Make sure you’re ready to put in the work to build upon your portfolio and acquire the necessary writing skills before you start to see progress. 

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