How Important is Content Length for Product Descriptions?

How Important is Content Length for Product Descriptions?

When writing product descriptions for your website, you are probably wondering: how important is content length for product descriptions? Many businesses spend so much time creating websites and coming up with great products that they completely forget about this vital feature.

The product description should be short but sweet. The ideal length is approximately 300 to 400 words. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and the shorter the better. 

A product description page should be enough to include all the important features and advantages it brings, enticing the customer into buying the product. 

So, now we know the best length for product descriptions, let’s answer the question you are all waiting for: how important is content length for product descriptions? 

How Important is Content Length for Product Descriptions? The Answer

One of the biggest advantages to shorter content when talking about product description length is the fact that you can get to the point quickly, which keeps the customer engaged and stops them from getting bored reading it. 

What’s more, you also have to think about SEO. Bounce rates are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization. If a product description takes too long for the visitor to find what they are looking for, they are likely to leave and visit a different site. This will negatively affect your SEO.

Mobile-First Indexing

With 65% of people using phones for searches than the smaller 35% for desktops, mobile devices have never been so important. And in order to reach these people, you need to ensure your site is mobile-friendly for SEO. 

When you have a mobile-friendly site, you will be ranked much higher. However, to do this, you will need to write short product descriptions to make sure it is easy to read on a mobile device. As mentioned earlier, 300 – 400 words are considered the sweet spot. Although, if you can get all your points written in fewer words, that will be ideal for keeping your audience engaged. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of product you are writing a description for and how much you need to write to get your audience interested. 

How to Write High-Quality Product Descriptions

Now you know the answer to: how important is content length for product descriptions? So, the next step is knowing how to write high-quality product descriptions.

Due to the heavy importance that product descriptions play in getting more customers, let’s explain how to write them well. 

Think of Your Readers First

Understanding your customer is one of the first rules of business. When it comes to product descriptions, it is no different.

Writing in a style that will best suit your audience is always important. Think about your end user who will be buying your product, audience demographics, and the information they will be interested in when writing.

Choosing your Tone of Voice

Choosing the right tone of voice is also essential when it comes to product descriptions. 

When choosing a tone of voice, you should first take into account your audience. What language would your audience react the most positively to? If you write product descriptions too formally or in a conversational style when not wanted, it could drive your audience away.  

One great example of a good tone of voice for product descriptions is Innocent Smoothies.

You can almost immediately recognize their product descriptions from the writing style they use.

In a bid to reach the younger generations, they used a more informal and friendly TOV, including slang terms to produce a spontaneous yet joyful emotion when reading their product descriptions. 

What Should Be Included in Your Product Descriptions?

When writing your product descriptions, you should always try and include the most vital selling points. When wondering what should be included, it’s always best to get in the mind of your target audience as they will be the ones reading it. 


Firstly, you need to focus on the features that the product has and the different benefits your product will be able to provide. This is vital for effectively selling your product and getting all the right information out there. The benefits should line up with the research gained on your target audience so that it is relevant to them. 

It also depends on whether you are selling an upmarket item or one that is on the cheaper side. For example, you would want to talk about its ‘high quality or ‘elegant design’ for luxury products. However, for cheaper ones, you want to mention their price and convenience. 


One component which is always great to add to product descriptions is storytelling. Talking about how the product was created or stories from customers who used it with great success is often an effective way to reach the emotional side of your audience. 

Easy to Read

The key to great product descriptions is making them easy to read. If it’s not, they will likely go elsewhere to find out what they need to know. Many businesses use bullet points to keep things simple. It is quite common for viewers to skip straight to the bullet points, so highlight the main things you want your customers to know about your product in this section. 


It is likely for many keywords to appear organically after writing a product description. However, it’s always a good idea to research and implement a few good SEO keywords. By doing so, it could be the difference between your product description page being at the top of Google for everyone to find or right at the bottom in the dark and dingy depths of page 30.

It’s always a good idea to look at your competitors and see which keywords are easy to rank. You could even try mixing in some long-tail keywords to give you a better chance of ranking for your chosen keywords (as they tend to have less competition). 

Overall Readability

As we mentioned earlier, overall readability is of the utmost importance. Check that it is easy to understand and contains no spelling and grammar errors. A recent study found that 59% of customers would not buy from a company that makes these mistakes. Making sure this isn’t an issue is vital for helping convert interested viewers into customers. 

Other things to remember

Your product pages will consist of more than just product descriptions. So we thought we’d mention some of the other elements that you’ll need to consider to ensure you reach those all-important conversion goals.

Photos and Videos

A visual element is still crucial to the overall page experience. They are great for providing a more visual side to the page and allowing the customer to see what the product really looks like.

Videos are also a great way to show the product in action. You can even talk about the product in more detail for those more visual customers who prefer to get their product information from a video. 

How We Can Help

Product descriptions often take a lot of time to refine and get 100% right for the most success. 

That’s where we come in. At Killer Copywriting, we have many years of experience in providing high-quality product description writing services and can help convert more of your website viewers into loyal customers. 
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