Fitness Blog Ideas: Top 50 Titles to Give You Inspiration

Fitness Blog Ideas Titles To Give You Inspiration

It can sometimes be hard to develop quality ideas to get more clients onto your website when you have a fitness blog. Well, if you’re struggling, worry no more! We’ve listed loads of excellent fitness blog ideas to help you succeed at creating a quality fitness blog.

So, let’s go into some of these ideas here:

Trending Topics

Everything You Need to Know About Home Exercise Gyms

Home exercise gyms have been all the rage recently, mainly because everyone still works from home and wants to exercise without hassle.

Fitness Trends 2022

Trending topics are a great way to get more views on your website. Many people will be wondering what the trends are in 2022 to stay ahead of the curve.

Having a well-researched article on this topic can let people know how much of an authority you are in the industry.

Fitness Blog Ideas: The Different Trends

Fitness For Beginners

What is BMI?

BMI stands for body mass index and is a good measure for determining if you are overweight, underweight, or healthy. BMI often appears on many doctors’ reports, which would be an excellent way to bring a new audience to your blog.

Fitness 101: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

Many beginners who haven’t done many fitness-related activities often feel some anxiety when going to a class or gym session for the first time.

Here, you can ease their stress with some great tips and great workouts for making their time as productive and fun as possible.

Fitness For Experts

How to Do Meal Planning Like a Pro

Even experienced gym-goers forget the value of quality meal prep. By planning your meals, you can save money and reduce waste. Having a blog on meal prep is suitable to increase traffic and improve your SEO.

Quality Exercises for the More Experienced Gym Goer

Fitness experts may need a more difficult gym session to get them going. With many complex or obscure exercises to choose from, you can help more experienced gym-goers change up their usual routine.

This is one of the best fitness blog post ideas for bringing a more experienced crowd onto your website.

Fitness Blog Ideas

Fitness Blog Ideas: Local Posts

Best Dance Classes in Salt Lake City

Many people don’t know this, but dancing is a great way to improve your cardio. For those looking for a local gym that offers classes, a blog post on this would be ideal for many people.

Top 5 Gyms in Alaska

If you have a class you want to promote or wish to recommend some excellent local fitness businesses in the area, this will be an outstanding article for you to do so.

Many people want to find out what the best local fitness facilities are. When you show them, you will increase your brand recognition the next time fitness enthusiasts wish to find out more fitness-related information.

Ideas For Your Fitness Blog: Cardio-Based Topics

Cardio Exercises to Do From the Comfort of Your Own Home

With lots of cardio exercises, you don’t even need to visit a gym to do it. When you write this blog, you can mention some of the beginner exercises to do, such as jogging in the same place and jumping jacks. As well as this, you could mention exercises for those with more experience like burpees and mountain climbers.

Top 5 Cardio Exercises

Cardio is an essential exercise for those who want to burn calories and lose weight. With many different ways to do this, from 3-minute step tests to a 5km bicycle ride, the blog post ideas are endless.

Fitness Blog Ideas: Cardio Exercises you Need to Know About

Weight-Based Topics

How to Use the Weight Machines

For many beginners, the weight machines can be confusing. Dispel this confusion by writing about this topic.

The Bench Press: All You Need to Know

The bench press is a classic exercise for everyone looking to build their chest muscles. However, it can cause painful injuries and embarrassment if not done right.

This is one of the most wildly popular fitness blog post ideas, perfect for a fitness blogger looking to increase their site views.

Fitness Blog Ideas: Best Workouts For Weight Loss

Why Cardio Helps with Weight Loss

For those looking to achieve their weight loss goals and lose body fat, cardio is one of the best exercises you can do. By making an article on this subject, you can help your readers lose weight to achieve their new year’s resolutions.

7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercise is needed if you want to stay healthy and lose weight. However, weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated.

By listing some of the best exercises for weight loss, you can help those looking for ways to lower their BMI and become healthy once more.

Best Workouts For Weight Gain

Everything You Need to Know To Deadlift Like a Pro

When done correctly, the deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do for working so many muscles simultaneously. Due to the difficulty of getting the form right, this is an important topic.

How Progressive Overload Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

For those looking for ways to gain weight in muscle, you should not underestimate progressive overload. Progressive overload is where you slowly increase the amount of weight or the number of repetitions to your routine.

It is one of the best fitness blog post ideas to talk about, especially for those who are finding their workout results slowing down.

Fitness Blog Ideas: How To Exercise Like Famous People

How Rihanna Stays in Tip Top Shape

Rihanna often says that her favorite workout routine involves cardio for thirty minutes every day. She uses the bike, runs on the treadmill, does many jumping jacks, and uses the jump rope. It is an excellent blog for increasing traffic, primarily due to her significant following online.

How to Look Like The Rock

When many people think of someone with great fitness, they often think of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The key to his success? He knows about the benefits of keeping a food journal to track his calories and protein and knowing exactly how to preserve muscle mass.

The Rock is a trendy figure nowadays. Using him as an example of success can bring more people to your health blog by talking about his routines.

Dieting And Meal Planning

Top 10 Healthy Shopping Tips

If you’re looking for some health blog ideas, healthy eating shopping tips are always popular, with many looking to improve their fitness.

Why not mention some of the best healthy recipes to give people some shopping ideas for the next time they visit the supermarket. It is ideal if you have health food stores you would like to advertise.

Paleo Diet: All You Need to Know

Paleo diets have become especially popular nowadays, but what is it? A Paleo diet is based on the diets of those in the prehistoric era.

With this particular diet gaining in popularity recently, this would be good to write about the pros and cons of switching your regular diet for this one.

Fitness Blog Ideas: Best Sports Supplements

15 Most Popular Sports Supplements

With so many supplements on the market today, it can be hard to determine which ones are the best. This blog post should answer these questions.

Top 5 Ways Vegan Protein Can Help You Gain Muscle

It’s a common misconception that building muscle is challenging if you’re vegan. However, this simply isn’t the case.

Because of this, it would be a great blog post to write. It’s mainly due to the increase in people with vegan diets recently and the different vegan proteins available.

Nutritional Facts

The 5 Most Nutritious Snacks

When healthy eating is concerned, many forget about the different healthy snacks you can eat throughout the day. Because of this, it is an exciting topic to include.

What’s the Difference Between Portion Size and Serving Size?

Many people who go shopping get confused between portion sizes and serving sizes. It can be annoying, especially when wanting to ensure they are not overeating.

Because of this, this is is one of the best blog post ideas for those who have a fitness blog and want to banish the confusion here.

Self Care And Wellbeing

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health and Stay Fit at the Same Time

For many, it can be hard to stay fit and have good mental health at the same time. Talk about all the different mental health tips you’ve come across so that your readers can improve their well-being.

Why Going to the Gym Regularly with Your Fitness Pal Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Exercising with a friend can be great for helping you along your fitness journey. Analysis has shown that doing so increases the chance of keeping to your exercise plan and achieving your goals.

It’s ideal for bringing more traffic onto your site and helping them with their health and fitness by providing one of the best wellness tips.

Motivation For Your Fitness Journey

Focus on Small Goals

When you set big goals, you often feel incredibly demotivated when you don’t achieve them. Setting small goals will minimize this happening.

Share the Fitness Progress You Make With Others

Letting others know of your progress is a great way to make you feel good about yourself, providing you with the motivation you need to carry on exercising.

Motivation is a problem for many people who want to get fitter. Due to this, sharing your fitness progress is a great blog post to add to your website for increasing your traffic and improving SEO.

Fitness Blog Ideas: Fantastic Workout Stories

How Nigel Transformed His Fitness in 60 Days

Workout stories and great workout music are some of the most motivational tools for helping people on their fitness journey. Learning how someone from a similar situation achieved all their goals can help them get back in the gym.

This is one of the best wellness blog post ideas for a fitness blogger like you. Why not add your own workout story to provide that personal touch? Otherwise, why not add stories of those you’ve helped to showcase your expertise!

Best Fitness Youtube Channels

Rising TikTok and Youtube Fitness Influencer: JPG

JPG is a very famous TikToker and Youtuber with over 2.5 million followers. Providing great tips in short bursts, it’s ideal for those looking for ways to improve their training regimen without wasting too much time.

With TikTok exploding in popularity recently, creating similar blog posts will be ideal for bringing that new audience to your site.

Best Fitness Blog Post Ideas: Magazines

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is one of the best fitness magazines out there. With interviews and fitness tips from some of the best athletes in the world, it’s no wonder it is so popular.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for new blog posts, talking about the different magazines may be a good idea. It shows your wide-reaching knowledge of the industry and the best places for fitness tips in magazine form.

Fitness Trackers

Best Fitness Apps For Tracking Your Exercises

There are many great fitness apps available for tracking your exercise. With many gym enthusiasts incorporating more technology into their fitness routine, this will be a great idea for your blog.

Best Paper Habit Trackers

Many forget the importance of good old-fashioned paper habit trackers when fitness tracking is concerned. From having your own journal to making a graph and ticking the boxes each time you go can be a great way to keep track of your exercising habits.

Furthermore, people often want to find out what the best fitness tracker is, which is the most convenient, and so forth. Due to it being such a popular topic, this is a subject that we recommend you write at least one of your blog posts on.

Fitness Gear

What to Look Out for When Finding a Good Gym Bag

In order to have the best time possible at the gym or when playing sports, you need the best workout gear. If your bag breaks, you’re not going to have a good time. Whether you want to promote a gym bag of your own or talk about the best ones to your readers, this is a great topic. I always rock my Funky Socks when working out!

How Gym Gear Can Improve Your Gym Etiquette

Not everyone knows the value of a towel. It is excellent at wiping the sweat off your forehead, but it’s also good for maintaining good gym etiquette by wiping down the machines after you’ve used them.

Many people, especially novices, want to know about the different rules, spoken and unspoken, that there are at the gym. This is an ideal blog to write about, especially if you find yourself running out of fitness topics.

Gym And Sports Clothing

Which Material Should My Gym Clothes be Made Out Of?

When looking for clothes, you often come across words such as polyester, nylon, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Creating a blog that answers these questions will help many people worldwide.

GymShark Clothing

When gym clothes are concerned, one of the most popular brands is Gymshark. They provide a range of some of the best workout clothes at reasonable prices to make your time at the gym as comfortable as possible.

Whether you want to talk about the different fitness clothes available or even mention your fitness clothing, this is one of the greatest fitness blog topics that will always bring traffic.

Gym And Sports Shoes

Best Gym Trainers in 2022

New gym shoes from the top brands come out every year. But which ones are best? Let your readers find out with this blog idea!

The Top 10 Best Running Shoes

Whether the goal is weight loss or maintaining your fitness, you always need great running shoes. However, it’s not as simple as just finding some running shoes and picking a pair randomly. There are many different shoes available, and some are much worse than others.

Whatever your fitness niche, running shoes are one of the best fitness blog posts to write about to gain traffic and possibly increase conversions if you also supply running shoes of your own.

How To Save Money And Stay Fit

What To Think About When Purchasing Second Hand Gym Equipment

Buying second-hand gym equipment can be a great way to cut costs on a home gym. However, there are a few risks your readers should know about before going ahead.

Calisthenics: Exercising without Equipment

Calisthenics is where you only use your body weight when exercising. This means that no weights or machines are allowed when doing callisthenic exercises. Perfect for those looking to save money by working out from home.

If you’re looking for great post ideas, this is definitely one of them. In the wellness niche, sometimes exercising and fitness can be expensive. However, it doesn’t need to be. You can reach a massive audience looking to get fit on a budget by talking about workout routines that cost nothing.

Personal Trainer Fitness Blog Post Ideas

How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Trainers

Although personal trainers are great for helping you achieve your goals, they can sometimes be costly. An article about how to make the most of your time with them will help many who use personal trainers to improve their fitness.

Are Personal Trainers Worth It?

A personal trainer can help you achieve all your fitness goals, whether the goal is to help you lose weight or to give you tips on how to increase your muscle mass. They can also provide you with a meal plan, advising you on how much protein you need and what to eat to have a healthy balanced diet.

Many fitness enthusiasts often wonder whether a personal trainer is worth it. By using your expertise in the fitness industry, you can talk about the health benefits of going with a personal trainer.

Get Your Fitness Blog Up And Running

These blog ideas should give you a great start when getting your fitness blog underway.

If you’re too busy or would like to leave the writing to the experts, we can help. With many years of experience in creating quality, well-researched blog posts, we can engage your target audience, bringing more people to your website.

Are you interested in our services? Contact us at Killer Copywriting today, and we can bring your wellness blog to the next level.