20 Interesting Fishing Blog Ideas

20 Interesting Fishing Blog Ideas

Run out of fishing blog ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We understand it can sometimes be hard to come up with new material, even if your website desperately needs it. So, to help give you some fresh suggestions, we’ve listed some different things you can talk about.

Let’s get started.

The health benefits that come from fishing

If you aren’t too familiar with the advantages fishing has on your health, then this will be some of the best fishing blog ideas to educate your readers, alongside yourself.

What type of rod should I use?

Seasoned anglers have a lot of advice to give beginners that can be helpful. This subject is fantastic to provide your expert opinion and even steer your readers into purchasing quality rods from your online business.

The best fishing locations around the world

This topic can be written from your personal experience, or with some online research, you can see what other expert fishermen think. You may even find a new destination that becomes your go-to place.

The biggest fish monsters ever caught

The ocean is a big and sometimes scary place. What lurks within the waters can be terrifying yet also interesting. A good subject to cover would be the biggest types of fish caught. What you find might even shock you.

Best clothes to wear when fishing

Many beginners have no idea what to expect when fishing. Therefore, they will most likely be looking for information to make their experience more enjoyable. That’s where your blog can help.

Best fish to catch and eat

This is a good one; there are so many species of fish that have some truly unique tastes. Help guide your readers by talking about great fish recipes once they’ve been caught after a good day fishing.

When is a fishing license needed?

Some general information about fishing licenses is an excellent way to attract new readers. The rules are constantly changing, so writing about what is new can be helpful to many.

Catfishing the right way

Not to be confused with the TV show, many intrigued newbies that want to go catfishing for the first time will be looking for information, so they know what they’re doing. This would be a great subject to cover.

Baits that give you the best chance when fishing

With so much choice, this is your time to express your views on what is the best bait to use. Obviously, different types of baits are used for different types of fishing, so you could split this post into separate sections that cover all of them.

Can children benefit from fishing?

Fishing is a great activity for kids that helps get them out into the fresh air. Plus, they can learn about responsibility and more. Make sure to include that in the blog.

Throw it back or take it home? What’s best to do when you catch a fish!

The fishing community is always debating which approach should be used when fishing, whether the fish should be caught and thrown back, or if it should be taken. Using this as a topic for your blog can generate a lot of comments, with people advocating for either side. That’s why you should provide all the facts and try not to be biassed towards one opinion.

Filleting a fish the right way

For those that go fishing for the pure reason of eating what they catch, a blog detailing how to fillet a fish properly will come in handy. You can discuss the equipment that should be used to get the job done right, along with different cooking recipe ideas to leave mouths watering.

Everything you need for a fishing holiday

Fishing holidays are a great way for people to unwind and forget about the struggles of daily life unless they forget crucial items needed for the trip. That’s why a blog post talking about all the important bits and pieces needed when fishing would be a great topic to cover.

How the water temperature can impact fish

Research has shown that the temperature of the water can determine how a fish behaves. Those who fish and pay attention to this are known to catch way more than those who don’t. Therefore, discussing this topic will sure to bring in a lot of readers.

Keeping fish fresh from catch to dining table

There are many different ways to keep fish fresh until the time comes to eat them. Going into detail about the methods that can be used would be an amazing subject to talk about.

Signs that fish are nearby

A large body of water doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a lot of fish. There is also the possibility that they could all be hiding in one particular area. Creating an article about how best to locate fish would be one of the handiest fishing blog ideas to cover.

The best fishing lines to use

Look at any website or physical fishing store, and you’ll see loads of fishing line options to choose from, but the question is: Which is the best? For websites that are using their fish blog for affiliate marketing or to promote their products, showcasing them would be a good idea.

How to catch salmon without fail

Fishing for salmon is an exciting experience. However, for many beginners, it can be a challenge. This topic is great if you can speak from experience to help the community out. Otherwise, in-depth research to help provide tips when catching salmon would still be worth writing about.

The strongest fishing rods on the market

Obviously, not everyone will need one of these rods. Although, it will be interesting to cover to show how far fishing rods have developed compared to their original designs.

Putting a fishing line onto a reel

Our last suggestion is to talk about attaching a fishing line correctly to a reel. It may seem like an easy concept for experienced anglers; however, beginners may not know where to start. So, why not help them out and give some tips to ensure it’s done right.

Streamline the content creation process

There are a lot of good fishing blog ideas to write for your blog. The only downside is the time and knowledge needed to execute it properly. But there is a solution!

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