Email Marketing Services

With our email marketing services, we provide personalized content to help you increase conversions. 

Email Marketing that Converts

Through our years of experience writing bespoke B2C and B2B email marketing campaigns, we know how to create content that converts. We thoroughly research your industry and target audience to ensure that the writing will be personalized for the biggest impact. 

Step 1

Place an order by sending us your brief when ready.

Step 2

Sit back and relax while we get to work creating your content.

Step 3

Once the project has passed our quality checks, receive your script!

How Our Prices Work

We charge a fixed rate of £0.10 / $0.14 Per word

Features Included

Our email marketing services give our clients all that’s needed when persuasive content is concerned. Only our most experienced writers in email marketing work on creating enticing scripts that convert. Due to this, you can always be sure that you will receive high-quality personalized content, every time.

We appreciate the fact that all businesses want quality content fast to get their campaigns up and running. Killer Copywriting understands this and provides experienced writers who will not just complete it within your timeframe, but also ensure it is as persuasive and relevant as possible. 

Previous Projects

Want to see us in action? Click below to see our work first-hand. 

Increase ROI With Great Scripts

Finding great email marketing services can be difficult, especially when you want to receive impressive scripts that produce great results. 

Crafting the right email to send to potential clients is of the utmost importance, where every word counts. It could be the difference between a new client or being sent to spam. 

At Killer Copywriting, we pride ourselves on always conducting in-depth research to gain insights into your industry and target audience. This ensures that we provide you with the tools to significantly increase ROI. 

Why Choose Us?

Our email marketing services can be created and designed to target the UK, USA, and world markets. We carefully look at all specifications to ensure we cater to the tone of voice of your brand and writing style. 

We have years of experience creating quality email marketing campaigns to engage and persuade our clients’ target audience. Through constant improvements, we have refined our processes to provide you with a premium quality service from start to finish. 


Email Marketing Services

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At Killer Copywriting, our customers always come first. By understanding your specifications fully, providing the work, and then listening to your feedback afterwards, we ensure to be there with you every step of the way. 

We always ensure to provide eye-catching scripts, whenever you need them. Just like the other services we offer, all content we provide is always 100% unique and personalized to you. 

If you have any questions about our content or would like changes, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer unlimited revisions to ensure we always provide you with the best end result for your business.