Email Marketing Blog Topics: The Top 12 to Start Writing Today

email marketing blog topics

Email marketing has been one of the best tools to engage old customers and gain new ones, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Because of this, we’ve decided to create a list of the top 12 email marketing blog topics for you to write on your blog. By doing so, you can engage thousands of people interested in this form of marketing. Cha-Ching!

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at them all here:

Top 12 Email Marketing Blog Topics:

  1. What You Need to Know About Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are one of the best ways to engage your audience and gain more sales. Because of this, it’s probably no surprise for you to find out that email marketing has a 4300% ROI on average for businesses in the USA, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Writing a blog explaining everything about mailing lists would be a great way to bring more viewers wondering about this topic onto your website. 

  1. How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

Just because someone has joined your mailing list, it doesn’t mean that your job is done. The next most important thing is writing the perfect welcome email. 

Everyone wants to feel welcome, and by teaching people how to write a great welcome email, engagement is likely to increase. 

  1. 5 Examples of Great Email Opening Lines

When you send a cold email, the first line is the difference between the recipient reading more or sending it straight to the trash. Many email marketers forget the opening line and instead spend all their time worrying about the rest of the email. 

Write some great examples you’ve found on the internet or received in your mailbox to give viewers some inspiration. 

  1. Top 10 Email Service Providers (ESP)

There are now thousands of email service providers that will do the job. However, they all vary in quality and offer different advantages depending on your needs. Talk about the different ESPs and show them the different advantages and disadvantages of each. 

This will be great for giving your readers an overview of the ones that will be best suited for their email marketing goals. 

  1. What You Need to Know about Email Marketing and laws that govern it

Depending on where you are based, whom you are sending the emails to, and many other factors will dictate the legality of your email marketing campaigns. 

Although this is self-explanatory for many when email marketing permission is concerned, keeping people up-to-date with the different laws and regulations for GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and the CASL is vital for ensuring no legal problems occur.

  1. How to Improve Email Click-Through Rates

For those unaware, a click-through rate is the percentage of emails receiving a click. In 2021, the average click-through rate was 2.1%. The higher the rate, the higher the increase in potential sales. Talk about the different strategies that businesses can use to improve the number of clicks on their emails to increase their conversions. 

  1. Using A/B Testing for Email Marketing

Running an A/B test in email marketing is where you create two different emails and test them to see which one provides the best results. After this, you can use the one which performs the best to ensure you will gain many more conversions. 

Talk about everything from how to conduct A/B tests to what to change in the different emails. The result should be an email marketing campaign that hits its mark, exactly what readers will want to know.  

  1. What Is Lifecycle Automation?

You’ve probably heard of lifecycle automation before in the email marketing world. But what is it? Well, in short, it is when you send an automatic email to potential customers when they are at an important stage in the customer journey.

By timing it correctly, you can hit the customer when they are most interested, gaining higher click-through rates and more conversions as a result.

This is an often-overlooked way to gain customers through email marketing that a lot of readers are likely to be interested in. 

  1. Why is Revenue Per Email So Important?

Revenue per email is an essential statistic when it comes to email marketing. Although your ROI will provide you with the return on investment from email marketing overall, revenue per email will show you how much you earned per each email, which is a much more specific measurement for gauging success. 

Your readers are likely to find this statistic fascinating as they will be able to figure out which emails in particular are hurting the overall ROI.

  1. When Is the Best Time to Send an Email Marketing Newsletter?

Sending a newsletter at the right time can sometimes be the difference between your customers reading it and wanting to buy your products/services and ignoring it completely. From testing emails being sent at certain times to analyzing the data you have already, there are many ways to go about finding an answer to this question. 

This is one of the best email marketing blog topics to gain more readers who have an email marketing newsletter and are unsure why it isn’t performing as it should. 

  1. Why You Should Combine Email Marketing with SMS

It’s an industry secret that combing both email and SMS marketing together provides much more success than one or the other. There are great advantages to this such as being able to reach more customers on their preferred platform and much more.

  1. How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Getting your first 1,000 email subscribers is often extremely difficult when starting out. However, there are many strategies to employ when wanting to achieve this goal. 

This is a great blog idea (if we do say so ourselves). It’s likely to receive lots of traffic due to the fact that millions of email marketers have this goal in mind when trying to get their email newsletter off the ground.

Use These Email Marketing Blog Topics For Your Website Today

These email marketing blog topics should give you all the helpful inspiration you need to write more blogs on the topic and increase the viewership of your website. 

However, writing blogs takes up a lot of time to first research and then write. That’s where we come in. At Killer Copywriting, we can write high-quality blogs for you, saving you time to focus on other priorities. Feel free to contact us today or book a call to find out more.