Copywriting Rates for 2022 – All You Need to Know

Copywriting Rates

So you’re wondering how much you’re going to spend on some good copy? Copywriting rates for 2022 can be controversial, so hold on tight.

Many writers will charge by the hour or per word. However, there are other factors to consider as well. For instance, if they charge more for research, pictures, or other addons. 

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The Quick Answer to Understanding Copywriting Rates for 2022 

There are no set prices when it comes to copywriting rates for 2022. Some charge $0.04 per word while others charge $0.20. Typically, the higher quality of work will come with a more extensive price tag. That’s why it’s important to check previous projects and client reviews to see the results produced. 

Different Types of Copy and Their Copywriting Rates for 2022

We’ve broken down the main types of copywriting rates for 2022 depending on the project:


One of the main content needs by businesses is blogs. What is spent is usually a clear indication of results. So the question is, do you want high-quality copy representing your company? If the answer is yes, then you will be expected to pay between the following –  

Average – $0.07 to $0.15 per word. 

Keep in mind that if you’re looking to attract organic traffic from Google and other search engines with blogs, you’ll still need SEO services like the ones offered here.

Website Content

The majority of businesses these days have websites providing insight into what they’re all about. Good website content is the difference between increasing conversions or pushing away customers. Due to the nature of this content type, rates tend to be on the higher side. 

Average – $0.07 to $0.50 per word. 

Article Writing

Prices for article writing can vary dramatically based on the project level. Research heavy articles that require a high amount of attention to detail will definitely cost you a pretty penny. But just remember, you’re paying for hours of work from an experienced professional. 

Average – $0.07 to $1 per word.

Email Marketing

Everyone understands the importance of email marketing. A good campaign can upsell products or services to customers that are more likely to use them. When writers work on these types of projects their copywriting rates are usually done differently from the normal per word price. 

That’s because an email campaign should be short and to the point. Therefore, not many words are needed. That’s why instead, copywriters spend hours creating different templates before sending through the best one. 

So how do they typically charge? Well, for email marketing you’re most likely going to be quoted per project. 

Average – 1 Email: $20 to $50 / 2 Emails: $30 to $70 / 3 Emails: $40 to $90. 

Social Media Posts

Over 3.96 billion people across the globe actively use social media. Interacting with the right audience couldn’t be easier through the various platforms. However, to ensure you make the right impression many use a professional.   

Average – $0.07 – $0.35 per word. 

Product Descriptions 

If you run an eCommerce store then I don’t need to tell you how crucial product descriptions can be to make or break a sale. With only seconds to get the right message across, product descriptions must be written with precision. 

Average – $0.07 to $0.60 per word.

Video Marketing Scripts

Business videos are used for both informative and marketing purposes. The script helps provide information in a clear and concise way to highlight the benefits of the business. Hopefully, resulting in the customer becoming interested in learning more. 

Average –  $0.07 to $0.35 per script word.

Is a Copywriter Worth Their Copywriting Rates?

Some businesses starting out often decide that a copywriter isn’t in the budget. They end up creating all the content themselves. Whether it be for ads, social media posts, website content, blogs, or more. 

When done correctly by a business owner that has an amazing grasp of the English language and knows the sector very well, then no it probably isn’t worth it. However, down the line when time and the need for higher conversions become important then it’s time to get a professional wordsmith in. 

A huge advantage to using a copywriter is due to their in-depth research on all topics. Complicated terms can be easily broken down to provide customers with a crystal clear understanding of the service or product. 

What About Copywriting Rates for SEO Content?

The majority of copywriters will come equipped to know how SEO works. Why is this? Well, copywriters predominantly work on projects that deliver the content via the internet. A large portion of this will be in the form of website content and blogs. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t run into any problems ensuring content is search engine optimized. However, it’s more than likely the copywriter will charge an additional fee for this addon. Unless it’s already included in the per word price!

Now, the prices can vary dramatically just like the standard copywriting rates for 2022. The best approach is to do some research beforehand. 

What Extras Do I Get When Paying Copywriting Rates?

Obviously, the end result when using a copywriter is them to produce the content you’re looking for. Especially the type that will represent your company in a superb way. While this is happening, you’ll usually receive certain guarantees to ensure you get what’s needed. 

These include:

  • Revisions
  • Audience Research
  • Proofreading


A good copywriter will always include revisions as part of their service. This way, if a certain section needs to be changed during the project it can be incorporated into the original price agreed. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise of extra fees because a few modifications were needed. 

Audience Research 

It goes without saying, but it’s still best to check before hiring one. Audience research plays a crucial part in figuring out what is going to relate to the target market. Without knowing this information the content could completely miss its aim and reduce overall conversions. 


Proofreading is a must-have when it comes to all projects. If this isn’t performed, the work produced could be littered with errors. The last thing you want is content with many mistakes representing your company! It definitely will reduce your company’s professionalism. 

When Copywriting Rates for 2022 Have Been Agreed Upon, How Long Should I Be Waiting?

One of the benefits of paying a copywriter per word is that you know exactly how much the end bill will be. For example, if you need a blog that’s 1,000 the price will not change while it’s being written.

However, if you were paying per hour, then you’re more likely to run into some writers that will drag out the project for as long as possible. Why wouldn’t they, given the chance to earn more, right? 

You may be in a hurry to receive the copy that’s desperately needed for your business, but you cannot rush the process. Copywriters spend hours upon hours researching the niche to ensure the content relates to the target audience. 

This being said, it’s probably going to take an average writer an hour for 500 words or slightly less. Therefore, you can calculate the project length accordingly depending on how many words are included. 

Keep in mind this is just an estimate. Website content typically takes longer than blogs to create, so it can depend on the type of copy that’s needed.

Master Copywriters on Call to Help

Finding the right person for the job, alongside their copywriting rates for 2022 that don’t hurt the bank isn’t easy. There’s a lot to consider that we’ve discussed today, hopefully helping you in the decision-making process. You can also check out this how-to outsource content creation guide to ensure your project runs smoothly.

However, our helpfulness doesn’t just stop there! We have excellent copywriters ready to complete any project from the categories listed. If you’re interested in learning more, why not check out our services page