Can blogging make you money? The Beginner’s Guide

Can blogging make you money?

Since the adoption of the internet, which is used for basically everything these days. Many of us had marveled at the idea of making a living from it without taking orders from a boss. So the question is, can blogging make you money?  

Throughout the article, we look at both freelancing and owning your own blog. Feel free to skip to the sections you’re interested to know about!

The Quick Answer to Can Blogging Make You Money?

Many people often ask us: can blogging make you money?

You absolutely can! There are thousands of blog writers out there with the sole purpose of creating blogs. Whether it be for their own website or writing as a freelancer. 

According to some sources, blog writers can make up to $300 for posts that are under 1000 words. The time taken to craft one of these well-researched and attention-grabbing blogs is roughly around 2 to 3 hours.

Yep, you heard that right. Writers can make $100 per hour!

Now if you’re set on becoming a blogger that writes solely for your own websites, this is where it gets interesting. Depending on the technique you use when blogging to the masses, you could potentially earn 6 figures. 

How to Get Started With Creating Your Own Blog

So, once deciding to make a blog, the first thing to think about now is creating your own website. By creating a website, you will have full control over the design of the blog and how you want it to look. Although it can seem difficult at first, it is relatively easy to do.

Remember, discovering the right niche to write blogs for is one of the most important things to decide upon. But if it is an area you are very experienced in, you are sure to know exactly what to write about in order to bring in readers and start making money.

Quick tip: Ensure it is a topic you are interested in. Blogging can take time, and often takes around 3 to 6 months before you start seeing results, so you want to enjoy writing about your niche!

After this, it might be a good idea to look to write a guest post for another blog in your industry. This will massively build your authority as an expert in your industry. 

But not only that, if you link to your blog site on the guest post, it will also help get more people to your new blog. Plus it will count as a high-authority backlink, massively improving your SEO and helping your new blog rank higher straight away.  

After this is done, you can get started making money from blogging. There are various ways to do this, so take a look below for an in-depth overview where you can find out: Can blogging make you money?

Placing Advertisements on Your Blog

When wondering can blogging make you money, one way to make money blogging is through putting advertisements on your blog. One such service that can allow you to do this is Google AdSense. By letting Google place banner advertisements on your blog, they will pay you for however many clicks these adverts get. It’s as easy as that!

Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging

Heard of affiliate marketing? Well, if you haven’t, chances are you’ve been on the receiving end. 

Affiliate marketing is a method used by product or service providers to get more customers. To do this, the business partners up with others that will promote them. Every time they gain a sale the person or company promoting them will get a small percentage of money. 

The process of affiliate marketing is more complex than this with a lot of research going into which things are the best to promote to gain the most revenue. However, these are the basics.

Bloggers will try and draw viewers to their site with useful information and persuade them to consider buying one of the affiliate marketing items. For example, a gaming blog may promote gaming equipment such as a new keyboard. 

A link, in written or picture form is placed on the blog page that leads to the relevant purchasing page. This indicates to the company that a customer has purchased their service or product due to your website. 

If this type of blogging interests you, a piece of advice – focus more on finding the niche you enjoy and are passionate about rather than on what products will produce the most money when bought. 

Creating Sponsored Content

Can you make money when blogging? You absolutely can through sponsored content!

You would have most likely seen sponsored content all over the internet. Ever seen a famous person posting a blog or social media post about a specific product? This is sponsored content. 

Unfortunately, your blog would have to be reasonably popular before you get approached to write sponsored content for a company, however, once you’re there, this is a simple and easy way to make money from blogging.

Saying this, getting approached to write sponsored content is not the only way to make money. Many bloggers with niche blogs, often ask other companies in their niche if they want them to write sponsored content to increase their brands’ visibility and sales. 

If you are the authority in a certain industry, it’s often a good idea to sell related products/services that your readers might be interested in. This could be in the form of popular products in your niche, training courses, or even consultancy services.

Many blogging sites do this, and you will already have a group of potential customers who trust your site. They are more than likely to buy from you rather than your competitors. 

Freelancing When Blogging

If going at it on your own sounds a little too perplexing, then there is an alternative option. Many of these well-established blog websites are constantly on the lookout for writers. Unique content drives the blogging world so you’ll always be in high demand!

To start with, it’s best to find certain subjects that you’re passionate about or have a great understanding of. By building upon this base knowledge, you can write fantastic blogs straight away.  

Getting Clients

You can’t just walk into a blog writing gig. Finding clients takes time and requires patience to get going. There are many avenues that provide you with a flow of high-paying clients out there. Don’t fall victim to the mainstream freelancing sites that take large slices out of every order!

The best approach would be to utilize social media channels such as Linkedin. Once you’ve built up a substantial network with the right type of audience, the work should start flowing in.

Can Blogging make you money: Branching Out

As a blog writer, you have the opportunity to explore other writing projects and eventually become a copywriter. Instead of just blogs, you’ll be creating persuading content to be used on businesses’ landing pages, email campaigns, and more. 

To Sum up: Can Blogging Make You Money?

When looking at can blogging make you money? Ultimately, the answer is yes. There is a small fortune to be made online from blogging either for your own website or for others. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The challenge comes when trying to find the right approach. 

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