50 Roofing Blog Topics You Can Use

roofing blog topics

If you’ve run out of roofing blog topics, or are just getting started, you’ve come to the right place. 

As many of us know, roofs cost a considerable amount of money to repair or upgrade. That’s why customers are likely to carry out a huge amount of research before pulling the trigger. 

So, it’s no surprise that there is a wide range of roofing blog topics to talk about. Below we’ve listed the top 50 best ideas to write about.

The very best roofing blog topics 

  1. Common issues caused by gutters

Gutter problems can lead to roof damage, and informing readers about how to prevent them from occurring should attract a high volume of homeowners. 

  1. What you need to know about skylights

Talk about the positives and the negatives. If your business offers skylights, this would be a good time to promote them. 

  1. Looking at the difference between a roof replacement that’s carried out professionally and a DIY one. 

Try to include pictures to get the point across of what happens when a roofing job isn’t done by the experts. 

  1. How to find the best roofing contractor

Discuss the various websites that can be used to find the right company for the job, or talk about what qualities to look for. This is an ideal time to boast about your services!

  1. Questions to ask before hiring a roofer 

Once a roofing contractor has been found, what questions should be asked to determine if they can complete the job properly? 

  1. De-icing your roof the right way

Talk about what must be known before deicing a roof. Plus, if you offer deicing services you could highlight the benefits of allowing a professional to do it. 

  1. Should I be worried about my roof during hail storms?

Damage caused to roofs may not always be visible to the untrained eye. That’s why it’s good to talk about how a professional can check if issues have happened because of hail storms.

  1. Insulating your roof to retain more heat

For this one, consider talking about all the different roof options that help keep homes better insulated. 

  1. Roofing advancements that help you save money on your home

Expressing the difference between old materials used compared to newer ones could push readers towards upgrading their current roof.

  1. Keeping your roof protected during the winter

Write a checklist that homeowners need to do before winter arrives. If some points on the list are hard to carry out, suggest that a professional is the best option to prevent problems. 

  1. How long do roof replacements take?

Although the answer to this will differ, letting readers know the average times for different size houses is a good idea so they understand roughly what to expect.

  1. Dealing with mold on your home’s roof

Knowing the impact mold has on a roof can let readers know the appropriate actions to take. Whether that be to clean it themselves or hire an expert to help. 

  1. How to maintain your home’s gutters

Let viewers know the best way to go about cleaning the gutters on their roofs. Talk about making a schedule or hiring an expert to do it.

  1. How the estimate process happens for a new roof

This is a great one to get readers prepared when the time comes for a roofing company to do an estimate.

  1. The roof is leaking, what should I do?

Guide individuals through the necessary steps to take when a roof leak appears. Point out what not to do so the problem doesn’t get worse. 

  1. Average home roof lifespan

Like most things in life, roofs only last for a certain amount of time. Go into detail about the approximate lifespan of a roof and what can be done to increase it. 

  1. The impact of heat on the roof of your home

During the warmer months, many people are likely to read up on how the sun is impacting their home, or in this case the roof. That’s why this topic should attract a bunch of concerned homeowners. 

  1. Buying a home? What you need to know about its roof

Buying a new home is a big deal. Considering that a roof costs a lot to replace if it’s damaged, readers would greatly benefit from understanding how to spot tissues on a house’s roof.

  1. Eco-friendly roof options for houses

There’s a big push globally for sustainability. The best environmentally friendly choices for roofs would be a great subject to write about. You can even promote some of your best products that are eco-friendly. 

  1. Spring cleaning roof edition

There are a few things here to mention that help repair problems brought on by the harsh winter months. Again, this would be a good time to mention services your business offers if they fall into the spring cleaning checklist.

  1. Ice on my roof, how bad is it?

Talk about ways to keep ice on a house’s roof to a minimum, along with how your business can remove it quickly, as long as you offer that service.

  1. Preparing for a skylight installation

From moving items out of the room to preparing for complications, an informative article discussing how to prepare when a skylight is installed would be a great addition to your roofing blog topics.

  1. What exactly is a living roof?

A picture-heavy blog talking about the different types of ‘living roofs’ is sure to attract readers. 

  1. Maintaining your living roof

It would be a good idea to discuss the costs when it comes to looking after a ‘living roof’. Plus, permits are sometimes required to get them, so providing information on that would be helpful.

  1.  Are new roof coatings bad?

Draw from experience to express your thoughts on the issues that may arise with new roof coatings. By doing so, you can help readers make an informed decision. 

  1. Are new roof coatings good?

Following on from the previous topic suggestion, a blog post about the benefits of new roof coatings is another good one to cover.

  1. Should I repair my roof or get a new one?

Now, this will likely be a long post. The more information that’s put into it the better. However, make sure to be transparent rather than trying to point readers to the choice that makes you the most money.

  1. How can I tell if a roof installation went well?

Mention where contractors typically cut corners, so homeowners know what to look out for once the roofing project has been finished.

  1. My roof has a puncture, what should I do?

Apart from stating the obvious, such as keeping a bucket underneath to stop water dripping, try listing other important steps to take. 

  1. Why do I have moss on the roof of my home?

No one wants their roof to be an eyesore that’s covered in moss. That’s why this topic is great to write about to bring in readers.

20 more topics to add to your website

  1. Is a house still livable when a new roof is being installed?
  2. What happens when a roof doesn’t have good ventilation?
  3. I can see broken roof shingles, what should I do?
  4. Best months to get a roof replaced 
  5. How to clean your home’s roof without damaging it
  6. Should roofs be cleaned?
  7. Should a professional inspect my roof after a storm?
  8. Finding the best roof ventilation
  9. Should a metal roof be replaced?
  10. The top gloves to wear when working with roof shingles 
  11. Can I install a heated roof?
  12. The best tools for roof replacements
  13. How to look out for a dishonest roof contractor
  14. How many roof inspections should I get?
  15. Is it dangerous working as a roofing contractor?
  16. How snow can damage your roof
  17. How can I become a roofer?
  18. How much does a residential roofer make per year?
  19. When is it time to replace a metal roof?
  20. When is it time to replace a tile roof?

Don’t Have Time to Write Them?

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