50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas to Add to Your Blog

beauty blog post ideas

It doesn’t take long when searching the internet to stumble across a beauty blog. Why is this? Well, it goes without saying, it is a huge niche to cover. Although, if you own a beauty blog, it may be hard to come up with beauty blog post ideas all the time.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our best 50 ideas to help attract visitors to your site:

Top 50 Blog Ideas for You to Look At

  1. Buying make-up on a budget

Do you know the latest deals for some of your favorite make-up brands? Why not share these with your readers by creating a blog post discussing them. 

  1. Luxury make-up that takes the front row

Does the truly expensive make-up live up to its price? If so, tell your readers which ones are worth getting.

  1. The best beauty brands for (year)

With new products being released all the time, doing a yearly update of the ones to look out for can help attract readers to your blog. If you need some inspiration, take a look at this.

  1. Putting on your make-up when you’re in a rush

Many readers will have busy schedules. Create a blog discussing the best ways to look good while on a time limit. 

  1. What products to take on holiday

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can fit into a suitcase. Help readers make the right selection by writing about what they need to take. 

  1. Make-up products that should be purchased again

Some brands make beauty products that completely change the game. If you’ve found some, tell your readers about them.

  1. How to look like (celebrity)

Got a favorite celebrity? If so, consider writing a guide telling readers how they can copy their looks. This subject can be used for various beauty blog post ideas.

  1. The ultimate make-up guide for beginners 

Help out the next generation by telling them the dos and don’ts of putting on make-up. Considering make-up doesn’t seem to go out of style, you’re likely to attract many website viewers with this topic.

  1. Special occasions make-up style

When big events come up there are likely to be lots of pictures. To ensure readers are looking their best, inform them on what to do to stand out from the crowd. Feel free to create many beauty blog post ideas from this one. 

  1. Storing your make-up properly 

Got some good techniques when it comes to storing make-up? Well then, you better get writing about this one to add to your beauty blog post ideas.

  1. Tips for putting on make-up in the morning

Getting ready for the day can be a struggle. To make things easier share some tips and tricks that make the process better.

  1. How to look after your skin

Keeping your skin healthy and fresh is a top priority for a lot of us. Beauty blog post ideas that discuss this are likely to bring in a huge amount of readers. 

  1.  How to look after your skin in the evening

What’s your skincare routine? Let others know by going into detail about yours and the products you use. 

  1. Looking after your skin in the morning

Similar to the last topic we discussed, you can write about your morning skincare routine too. 

  1. How to revitalize dry skin

Do you know how to look after dry skin? If so, consider writing about this one. Many suffer from dry skin, so it’s a good topic to cover.

  1. The top moisturizers you can use

With lots of choices, it can be hard to know what’s best. Educate readers by talking about your favorite ones.

  1. Good skincare products when you’re on a budget

Point readers in the right direction by discussing the best products that leave the skin feeling great without breaking the bank.

  1. My honest review of (beauty shop) 

This topic can be split into a variety of beauty blog post ideas. Plus it gives you an excuse to go to different beauty stores and test out their product range. 

  1. The best face masks that money can buy

To ensure your website visitors buy the right ones, talk about your top picks and why they’ve made the list.

  1. Beauty products that smell fantastic

Share your knowledge by talking about the products with a great aroma that has caught your attention. This idea can be split into multiple beauty blog post ideas if there’s a lot to cover.

  1. How to store perfume correctly

Perfumes can be expensive. Let readers know how best to store them by writing about how to store perfumes the right way, without the smell being ruined. 

  1. Perfumes to suit the season

Talk about the top picks for your favorite season or all of them! Spare no expense on the information included. Here’s a good post talking about how different perfumes fit different seasons.

  1. The top (number) of perfumes that never go out of style

Some perfumes have survived generations and will likely continue to do so. Write about your favorites that have been around for a while, suitable for any occasion. 

  1. What perfumes do celebrities wear?

People love keeping up-to-date with what perfume their favorite celebrity is using. A blog post letting readers know about the best types is likely to gain a lot of traction. 

  1. Hairstyle ideas when you’re in a rush

Write about the easiest yet best-looking hairstyles people can use to keep their appearance looking fresh without spending a lot of time.

  1. How to style your hair for a wedding

Wedding events are very memorable. To make sure your readers are at the top of their game, write a blog post talking about the latest hairstyle trends. 

  1. Best beauty blogs to follow

The internet is a big place. Writing a post about the best places on the internet to find useful information when it comes to beauty is a good idea. Make sure to include your own blog on this one!

  1. The latest nail style

Every few weeks it seems to change, therefore, this topic can be a good one for you to keep updating, especially if you’re invested.

  1. How to dye your hair without damaging it

Dying your hair can either result in an amazing result or disaster. To prevent your readers from facing terrible results that have damaged their hair, let them know what to do and what not to. 

  1. Haircare products that are perfect for traveling 

It’s hard to know what to take on holiday, especially with weight limits. Inform your readers ton the best and most likely smallest items to take to keep hair looking fresh. 

20 additional beauty blog post ideas

  1. Make-up styles for cold locations
  2. Make-up styles for warm locations
  3. The best make-up removers
  4. Hairdryers that are worth getting
  5. Luxury haircare products 
  6. Salon vs box dye: what should you choose
  7. The best perfume gifts 
  8. The greatest make-up gifts for mother’s day
  9. The best face masks to give as a present
  10. Top 5 deodorants that keep you protected the longest
  11. Lip balms that are worth buying 
  12. Gifting lip balms: What to choose?
  13. How to keep make-up brushes clean
  14. Eye shadow that makes you stand out
  15. Ethical make-up products 
  16. Ethical make-up brands to pick from 
  17. Large make-up bags to gift for birthdays
  18. How to put in hair extensions
  19. Hair curlers that are the best for short-hair
  20. Hair curlers that are made for long-hair

That’s everything, time to get writing!

We’ve covered a variety of topics that will hopefully point you in the right direction when deciding what to write about.

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