10 Content Writing Companies Who Get Results (2022)

content writing companies

Over the years the need for content writers has skyrocketed. However, that isn’t much of a surprise. In the wake of the increased demand, content writing companies in 2022 have sprung into action to help produce what is needed. 

If you’re wondering why content marketing has been adopted by so many businesses, let’s take a look! According to Hubspot, 64% of marketers spend a considerable amount of time enhancing their SEO performance. 

How’s this done you may ask? Through the use of unique content combined with SEO best practices.  

In today’s article, we will cover everything you need to know when using content writing companies in 2022 and where to go look for them.

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The best content writing companies out there

After careful research we have whittled down the best copywriting companies to the top ten. Check them out here:

Killer Copywriting 

With UK and US-focused writing, Killer Copywriting is a great choice for an all-rounded result. Projects are typically completed in 48 hours by experienced content writers. When it comes to costs, they’re on the lower end of the spectrum compared to the others, yet still provide an abundance of value. 

Whether you’re in need of blog posts, website content, e-books, or more, then Killer Copywriting is a good choice to get your project started. Pricing is calculated on a per-word basis for all work. If you’re not over the moon with the result, they even offer unlimited revisions for every project. 



Another solid option to use is ContentFly. All their writers are vetted to ensure a high result every time. However, when it comes to pricing, be ready to buy in bulk. They offer subscription packages for businesses and agencies per month. The first starts at 4,000 words. Therefore, it’s best to have high volumes of work if working with them.



Scripted is a US-based content writing company. They cover a huge range of content types so you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Although they charge customers through a membership fee that starts at $199 for only 2-4 monthly projects.

For those residing outside the United States, response times may be a bit delayed. 


Content Writers

For some time, content writers have provided quality results for many types of copy. Whether it be for blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, or more. When the price is concerned, you’re looking at paying $99 for your first piece. 

The US firm has a variety of writers that ensures to meet your requirements. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, they offer a few revisions to change it to your liking. 


Text Workers

Next on the list is text workers. Unlike the others that cater for a vast range of niches, text workers focus on a select few subjects. These include legal, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more. 

If you decide to use text workers, their prices consist of a per word price between $0.07 to $0.10 depending on the project.  


Rightly Written

If you’re looking for a firm that’s based in Asia, Rightly Written is a great choice. Based in Singapore, they provide a platform that has been optimized for order management and delivery. Perfect for large volumes that need to keep track of things. 

Technical writing is one of their specialties, along with, review writing. You’re looking at $35 for 500 words and more depending on the experience of the writer for the project.



Those that want to improve their content alongside SEO and PPC management would benefit from using one agency. Clickgiant does all three very well. They focus primarily on small businesses. Pricing can vary dramatically depending on which service you use through monthly plans. 

However, all prices are upfront so you’ll have full transparency. Perfect for those that are keeping a close eye on their budget. 


Content Whale

Based in Mumbai, Content Whale covers an enormous range of subjects. Their primary objective is to focus on speed and volume. They can impressively complete up to 10,000 words within a 36 to 48 hour period. 

The quality may be mediocre and require some finishing touches but for large easy to write projects, they’re definitely worth considering.


Write Right

When facing tight deadlines, Write Right has you covered. They offer quality content that always comes finished in the agreed timeline. Unlike the others that focus on the most common types of writing, Write Right creates content ranging from Slogan writing to Resume writing. 

Their high reviews come with an acceptable rate of $25 per hour for all projects. 


Content Development Pros

Established back in 2003, this writing company has a considerable amount of experience in the field. If you can get past their outdated website then you shouldn’t run into any issues during the project process. 

The main services they offer include – Website content, blogs, ebooks, and articles. 


Other Great Content Writing Companies in 2022 To Look Out For


Verblio is a little different than the others. It focuses on creating written content and videos. Perfect for video marketing. Although, due to the nature of video creation alongside the text, it doesn’t come cheap. 

A 600-word article will set you back $70 and this doesn’t cover the cost of the video. You can expect to pay an additional $75 for it. Obviously, the higher volume of the project the higher the price tag that comes along. 


Text Mercato

For extremely tight budgets, then this is a good way to go. Operating from India, this writing service is great if you’re looking for a first draft. However, you’ll most likely need to alter the content before it’s polished enough to represent the company. 

Starting at $7 for 500 words, it’s very affordable. However, if you’re needing a writer for a complex topic, you may need to use a different one! 


The benefits of outsourcing content to content writing companies in 2022

It’s common practice amongst businesses to focus on what they excel at and outsource the rest. By using content writing companies, projects are delivered more efficiently by writers that do what they do best.

Here are some additional benefits of using one:

  • Better Content
  • More time to focus on core tasks
  • Enhance online presence

Better Content

Professional writers have one goal: get results. Therefore, they’ve dedicated their lives to creating content that will relate to the target audience. Many businesses use jargon phrases and don’t explain certain aspects well. However, when using content writing companies in 2022, research is carried out to ensure the right message is delivered. 

The average time spent on a website is 45 seconds. This is a tiny window to capture the audience’s attention and show how everything they need can be achieved through you, no exceptions. 

More time to focus on core tasks

When it comes to enhancing your business, outsourcing relevant business functions can help save high amounts of time. This valuable time can be put to better use that will propel the business forward while the essentials are looked after.  

By using content writing companies in 2022, the quality will not reduce. Therefore, as long as you have a budget for the service then the benefits are very rewarding. 

Enhance online presence

The majority of business owners understand the importance of quality when it comes to content writing. Especially as it’s the determining factor made by Google as they rank quality over quantity. So, this means you cannot rely on high volumes of text to get your business ranking well on search engines. Instead, incredibly helpful information relating to the topic is needed.

Understanding SEO best practices to put websites in front of the target audience is hard work. That’s why experts are usually paid to ensure it’s done properly. 

However, those that decide an SEO writer is a right choice will need to be patient. Results do not happen overnight. SEO can take months before it takes off. But when it does, you can expect amazing leads with very little cost.

Are all content types outsourced to content writing companies?

For the most part, all content services can be outsourced. Although, some are more common than others. The main ones consist of:

  • Blogging
  • Translation
  • E-books
  • White Papers
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing Scripts


Blogging is a fantastic way to talk about subjects relating to your industry. It helps improve brand awareness and turns readers into potential customers. When it comes to blogging, there are 3 fundamental rules to ensure you’re gaining the most organic traffic. These include posting regularly, including quality posts, and discussing relevant topics. All of which can be achieved by outsourcing. 


International business is thriving, and thanks to translation services interacting with the desired audience perfectly, the right message is always expressed. Content writing agencies typically provide native writers to the geographic area you’re looking to target. By doing so, cultural norms are embedded into the business to increase ROI.


Whether needed by a company or a creative mind, ebook writers help capture the essence of the topic. With a short consultation to discuss the project requirements, a freelance writer can confidently produce the outcome wanted. 

White Papers

Although somewhat more technical than the other types, this can still be carried out to a high standard by a freelancer. White papers are considered a type of technical writing. There are many different categories that fall under the technical pillar which will need a specialized writer to complete. 

Social Media Posts

Marketers from time to time get caught using the same copy for all social media posts. The problem with this approach is that different platforms will have a tailored style that will not be captured. A copywriter that has in-depth knowledge of the social media platforms in question will be able to adjust each post for the best reaction. 

By outsourcing this type of work a fresh perspective can be applied that hasn’t been done before. This could even lead to a brand new strategy that takes your social media presence and company growth to the next level. 

Email Marketing Scripts

Email marketing can help re-target customers to upsell products or services, well, at least when done correctly. Quick-to-the-point emails with eye-catching subjects are needed to ensure they leave the right impression. 

It’s best to leave this to the experts to ensure the best message is sent across to get the impact wanted. A wide range of content writing companies in 2022 specializes solely in this subject due to how important it can be to generate sales.  

To sum up

Hopefully, after reviewing the possible options that content writing companies in 2022 offer from our article you’ll be able to decide whether or not to use one. Every business is unique and requires a careful touch to produce content that hits the mark.

Price and quality are two very important factors to consider. Making sure you find the right balance between gaining value while not breaking the bank is incredibly important. If you find an outsourcing company you like, check to see if they have a free trial to test the waters before you begin. Otherwise, check out previous projects completed!